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Week 4 ACC/FBS Games for Sept 21-23

That looked pretty bad. Couldn’t tell but he’s lucky if that wasn’t an ankle dislocation.

Have to be honest, Barron's tackle on that kid was kind of dirty; the final roll is what hurt him. The guy was already down.
It's so ridiculous how many games we need to win to just sneak into the top 25

Well, we sucked for a long time, and then when we finally look like "we are back", our season falls apart. So, you can't blame them for still being skeptical.
To be fair its not like Ohio State won with the game in the bag it was a do or die last play get stopped you lose and he had a mic stuck in front of him while still jacked up.

Would be nice if someone from the ACC could beat Notre Dame for once they lose every meaningful game they play against the other major conferences but are something like 30-0 against us.
Say what we will about Dino, but he would never make a fool out of himself like that.
If he wanted to make a joke about it in his press conference after the game or on Monday, fine. But for that to be the first thing he thinks of after a top 10 matchup that came down to the final play strikes me as very strange. Seems like his mind would have been on other things.

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