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Week 4 ACC/FBS Games for Sept 21-23

What did Holtz say to set Day off?
Something about how in Ohio State’s losses in recent years the opponents have been the tougher teams, and that’s what Notre Dame had to try to do.
So they will let USC drive down the field 10 yards at a time and hope that their Heisman Trophy winning QB who completes like 99% of his passes will make a mistake? This should go well
Yeah, like when was at Cuse and his defense was giving up 60 point games on a regular basis.
Yeah I mean never liked Holtz but it's an 86 year old retired coach saying this. Day is quite the tough guy walking into shady pines to taunt the residents.

There was an older gentleman who looked like a tOSU administrator that entered the frame toward the end when Day began to calm down.

He had a hilarious look on his face like, “Someone get that mic away from this spastic meathead!”
Reading through the box score Iowa ran 33 plays for 76 yards...3 fumbles
That is some real ugly offense

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