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What is it with these rotations?

Cuse House

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Apr 3, 2013
I like Red and he has had some well coached games. Thought he fumbled the rotation tonight and really put us in a hole. We need to start Q and give Bell spurt minutes if he’s on. I’ve seen enough of the starting lineup. We’re constantly waiting for subs to turn the game for us. It’s time to stop the Taylor/Bell experiment.
There have been some poor moments this year which isn’t totally unexpected, but also some really good ones. Tonight wasn’t great. JJ getting hurt in the first half when he did, did not help though.
j.j played 36 minutes. didn't sit long. not sure how injured he was.
At least Bell has spurts - I would sit Taylor for Q or maybe sit both of them for Q and Benny.
having only 25% of the centers on the roster playing (and barely playing at that, carey) is a huge albatross around this team's neck

maliq brown cannot go hard for 40 minutes a game...especially if a team fouls a lot and is agressive...he got tired vs BC and started to flag in the last stretch of the game (not really his fault)

hes not really even a center although he can hang there for the most part

if ever a team like BC or FSU etc plays super agressive and fouls constantly...it is a great strategy against this team...certain weak spots in depth are huge

if i am coaching against this team i just tell my players to play super physical and foul non stop...(unless I have a short rotation)...and there isnt an easy answer for red for that strategy...if there is, he hasnt found it.

it really should be more obvious to him as coach that he cannot play his guys 20 straight minutes like that in the 2nd half...and that bringing in taylor of the bench for example isnt going to be the answer at the end of the game...

just poor subbing patterns imo

very reminsicent of JB (in a bad way, imo)...and makes me wonder how much influence JB has on Red right now...if Red thinks shrinking his rotations in the 2nd half is going to actually help this team win physical games.
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its really simple...no team that makes the tourney this season will likely have 4 non contributing centers on its roster

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