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What's everybody's holiday drink tonight?

rrlbees said:
Some egg nog and then wash it down with a cup of coffee.

My holiday tradition is Evan Williams holiday egg nog. Its the real deal.
I'm thinking White Russian

I will share this recipe with the world. I call it Caucasian Jamaican.

2 shots Sailor Jerry/Kraken/Navy Rum (The Captain will work too, and dark rum)
2 shots Bailey's Irish Cream
1 Shot Khalua
1 Shot Jagerbaren
finish with Half and Half

If you are froggy you can use a nice french vanilla ice cream and make it a kick-ass shake.

You are welcome.

For the record though, since I am at my sisters and there are two very small children I will just have a couple couple glasses of the vino.
It's taken me over an hour to finish, my stomach is so off.

mcnuggets are best for the 3am munchies to help soak up some of the alcohol.. or getting a pizza or a pita. Good ole memories on the Hill. During the hangover that is a mortal sin. Always some liquor and something like toast.
3-5: wine
5-6: church
6-7: Jack & egg nog
7-11: Tullemore Dew neat
11- till i get all the damn presents put together and/or wrapped: Jack & coke to stay awake

and whenever i wake up...mimosas.
I like to start off with an ice cold beer. After that i like to have another beer. After dinner i love an ice cold beer. Before i go to bed there is nothing like an ice cold beer.

I got into a fight on saturday night with a bottle of laphroaig and i won on a split decision so beer is much less painful.

Got a Nice Cold one in my refrigerator.

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