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why coleman matters imo


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Sep 5, 2011
have only seen dajuan play a couple times on tv so i really have no true grasp of his talent or potential.and i'm hoping it's BIG time. but as i've posted here before i believe it's imperative that we start landing our homegrown top talent and not let other big time programs waltz in and poach them away. today is indeed great news for the future of this program.
I don't think we've really had much trouble protecting our back yard. I used to think we needed to protect the entire state of NY, but at this point we're able to recruit nationally, so it's pretty much irrelevant where our guys come from, because they are by and large all big time players.

But yes, it's extremely important to snag the elite prospects who pop up in CNY. Doesn't look good for a Duke or a Kentucky to come in and snag them.
I'm almost as happy that we derailed the Kentucky recruiting train, as I am that we landed a big time recruit.

Coleman was priority number one for Calipari. Anyone remember that he visited Coleman while his team was in the middle of a final 4 run this year? Calipari wanted Coleman bad, and we got him. I'm sure Kentucky will end up with an ok guy at the 5 position, but whoever they get will be a big step down from Coleman.

That is a (maybe the first big) chink in Kentucky's recruiting armor. The way Cal is doing things, if he doesn't get the top recruiting class every year, things can go downhill fast. That is a lot of pressure. We just added to that pressure, big time.
I agree with general20 anything bad for UK makes me happy. Perhaps its their great history of cheating. Perhaps its that they went out and hired a known cheater to get them better players by cheating.

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