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Why Syracuse will win


Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
- Because we are SU. Not only do we have superior overall talent and depth to even a good MAC team, but our history is to disappoint when we the fans hopes are up and to rise up and draw the fans back in just when they are down on us. Losing to ODU and then coming back to beat Buffalo is pure orange.

- People forget that we were up 13 on ODU. We blew that game. We were not the worst team. Look at the comments in the paper: Frank Howard: “We just weren’t engaged as a team….they basically outworked us…We just didn’t execute the game plan well enough”. Oshae Brissett: “I thought we got too comfortable and didn’t really try to separate the game like we usually do….I thought if we had put our foot on their necks and stopped the run right there, the game would have been over.” This team knows what’s at stake here and what they have to do to win this game. They missed 12 free throws and didn’t finish inside. If they’d played their normal game and held the lead, we wouldn’t be so down on their chances.

- Our big men comments read like this from Old Dominion: “They’re not going to look for their bigs much…Their bigs aren’t great finishers. They’re not going to make a move, you known what I mean? In the post, they’re not going to help much.“ They’ve also heard their own coach echo this. If they have anything going on inside of them they must be motivated to make a big statement.

- It’s time for Ohshae Brissett to play like Oshae Brissett.

- The Bulls beat Arizona last year and won at West Virginia this year. But we beat Michigan State last year and won at Ohio State this year. Both teams have beaten LeMoyne – Syracuse by 89-52, Buffalo by 89-55. That’s a wash. We might be undefeated, too, against their schedule.

- Buffalo has been playing to the limit of their capabilities. We haven’t. We will tonight.

7-3 with 21+ to be

Nice post. I can guarantee you that Buffalo will give SU a 100% effort, win or lose. As long as SU can say the same thing at the end of the game, no complaints. When Howard and Brissett make comments that would lead one to believe that the players played at less than 100% effort against ODU, that is unacceptable. I played basketball for my HS team and I sucked, but no one could ever say I left anything on the court at the end of a game. That's all we can ask of the SU players. Win or lose.
How about giving maximum effort and playing like we have our back to the wall if we want to make the field on Selection Sunday.

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