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Why USC Will Win


Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
- Both teams have been struggling. Will Syracuse “get well” vs. USC or will USC “get well” against Syracuse? Guess.

- If we are 7 points better than Rhode Island, how can we beat USC- in the coliseum?

- It’s 2-3 star players vs. the 4-5 star players. The 2-3 star players will be highly motivated but the 4-5 star players will be bigger and faster. Bigger and faster wins.

- Our offensive line should be operating the turnstiles at the Dome. Just scan the ticket and let ‘em through.

- Our defensive backfield vs. a bunch of guys who will be in the NFL- some of them next year. That’s a bad match-up.

- We figure to be punting a lot and I’m not sold that Raupers is the answer.

- You pull off upsets by making big plays. Our offense isn’t exactly a big-play unit. Scott Shafer’s defense has been the key to the program’s return to respectability but one thing it hasn’t done, despite the emphasis on speed and aggression, is produce turnovers. We’ve forced 7 in the last 7 games and we are 4-3 in those games and have been outscored by 15 points. And when us the last time we got a score on a kick return or a block? We just don’t make enough big plays to win a game like this.

- This type of game can be lost in 5 bad minutes. Doug Marrone stresses that the late game heroics in the first two games were due to his “leadership program”. Suppose we start with Nassib having one of his overthrows that gets picked for a touchdown. Then maybe we get a couple of first downs and punt into their territory. Phil Thomas tries one of his armless tackles on Robert Woods who bounces off and goes 80 down the sideline. Then we’re three and out and Raupers gets on blocked. We’ll see about the “leadership program” when we’re behind.

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