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Aug 18, 2011
Today I'm honored to make my 4000th post. That's a lot for me but a drop in the bucket compared with many of you. For every post I've written, I've read 50 or more. This place has been a home for me and I appreciate being here.

I first found Syracusefan.com when searching for Syracuse Football recruiting news many years ago. I came upon one of Orangeyes' news posts and have been hooked ever since though the venue has changed. I had and have a lot of appreciation for Dan Johnson. I showed up at a Fine Lot football tailgate and he was the first face to draw me in. I owe him big.

I also have a lot of appreciation for most of you that post here. Sometimes we forget that the people that post here represent a broad spectrum of humanity. One thing I learned a long time ago is that the people here are largely very accomplished in whatever field they've chosen and are significant humans that bring a lot to the table. I'm honored to have the opportunity to interact with you. For those of you that haven't learned that lesson, be cautious when choosing to trash talk with people you don't know. The folks here read like a Who's Who.

Many of you are connected to SU in some way, have a great deal of experience with sports, have wisdom we shouldn't ignore, or generally bring a lot of insight on many topics. While I'd like to thank many of you individually, I'd miss someone and don't want to do that. Just know that I've enjoyed and appreciated the things I've learned here, at the tailgates, and at the games. I know so much more than I did when I showed up here and I learned it from you. Thanks...

I also have a lot of appreciation for the kids that choose to play a sport for SU, for the coaches that make my life richer, and for SU in general. My grandmother was at Crouse College before she got married 100 years ago and was musical all of her life because of it. My dad and brother both got Masters at SU, and I was fortunate to attend SU on an academic scholarship over 40 years ago. SU has been a big part of my life and I'm grateful.

I'm especially thankful for the people that make this place work. It's clear that many others feel the same way. We have more posts in one day than many boards have in a year. SU fans are everywhere and this place provides a focal point. To those of you that created this place, maintain this place, and that breathe life into this place every day, Thank You. I visit this site early and often. I moved from upstate NY in 1988, have lived in many places since, but feel close to home because of all of you. This is a special place that makes life better for a lot of us. Best wishes to all of you and LGO!!!

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