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ACC has great commish - strategically speaking


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Sep 11, 2011
No matter if ACC goes to 16 or stays at 14, they get to renegotiate their TV contract with a larger viewing audience meaning much more money for each member - funny ESPN doesnt highlight this. While I know this has been discussed before - what a strategic move since you know what all other conferences are getting now and your negotiating from a position of strength. I cannot imagine FSU leaving for the SEC until the renegoitiated amounts are known - then it becomes a business decision for them or SEC offers them a deal they can't refuse.

It seems best if ACC waits for another year or two, the expand again, then renegotiate again to extract even more for each ACC conference member. Who knows if that's the true plan of the final 2 who the ACC may already have a gentlemens agreement with. Even better would be next move to have it's own ACC network before going to 16 teams - making schools like ND & PSU more of a reality than what I first thought. Backup plan ain't too bad - UConn & RU - but they need to prove to the 14 ACC members that they will add to the renegotiated contracts so that each school gets more. Unfortunately or fortunately Rutgers is weakest of them all. Why - because RU got flanked by SU as NYs college team - winning the exciting Pinstripe bowl certainly added much value to that perception.

ACC really has a great commish as compared to other conferences - SU is really in a great conference - strategically speaking. Finally I thought the branding of SU as NY College Team was silly, but my respect for D Gross has increased dramatically over the past week.
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