Any word on Phillip Thomas? |

Any word on Phillip Thomas?


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Aug 26, 2011
I'd have to assume that he'd be out for at least Wake and RI at this point. Having him ready for USC would be highly, highly optimistic.
I haven't heard anything one way or the other, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's ready to go on Thursday.
This is based on nothing but my gut and amateur knowledge of broken jaws, but I say no way he plays Thursday. Would love to be wrong
My only concern is that I saw somewhere saying a broken jaw that is surgically repaired takes between 6-8 weeks to fully heal, IF it was a clean break. I really hope that isn't accurate.
My gut tells me that he will play on Thursday night.
My gut tells me that he will play on Thursday night.
I think the same thing. Everything I've read gives me the impression he'll be in the lineup come Thursday.
He is #1 on the depth chart and HCDM says he is "ready to go."
Probably tells you about the importance of this game as well.
this would be one heck of a recovery i dont expect him to play Wilkes will be fine if he cant go
Maybe he is ready to go. Noone knowd the extent of the injury like thomas and marrone do.
my daughter broke her jaw playing softball for SUNY Cortland. She was out for a minimum eight weeks, and it took another 60-90 days to fully heal.
Playing football at this level, it would surprice me if he is ready to go this quick, but I hope he is. I also hope he does not re-brake it and he is out longer.
If there is any question I would keep him out. We should still be fine back there...but if he is ready, I hope they are right!!
I thought they said it was a small fracture? Based on these timelines it sound like either they wait until most half the season is over or he tries to go with it now and see what happens..
i dont think we will ever know how serious his injury is or isnt.
peyton manning played with a broken jaw in 2001 (almost immediately i think)...of course those are completely different positions, and he's been a well protected QB

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