Cordy not coming back?


Jan 1, 2013
Could be. Richards has been playing some DE in recent games. He could make the exact transition Guthrie made so well from last year to this year. Guthrie has really come on as the season has progressed. Dino is now saying he will play on Sundays.

History says the returning guys who played the previous season have a big edge. If you look at experience only, Armstrong is going to be a starter, and Cullen and Richards are well positioned to be the others.

I believe Lakiem Williams is red shirting this year but his JUCO experience gets him in the mix too. I have heard some buzz about Juan Wallace, who apparently is a big hitter who has raised eyebrows in practice. And it is very possible one of the big young safeties gets moved to LB, ala Kielan Whitner. The staff values speed.
I can see foster getting moved. He’s slow as dog ish for a safety.
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