Desko 2018 ACC MLAX Coach of the Year

Mar 2, 2017
hard to argue he made some big lineup changes this year that have helped. Dearth going from line one to defense middy and wings on face offs. The midfield lines have been changed a milllion times. he's making good moves with what he has. The recruiting is the one thing we need to be right this year which doesn't affect coach of the year.


2nd String
Jul 12, 2014
Tip of the cap to Desko for understanding the formula, for putting aside his personal w/l career record and not worrying about additional cries from the peanut gallery. Keeping Sienna and St Johns on schedule would have resulted in two easy wins rather than losses and a more appeasing 10-4 record for most but who knows (other than perhaps JCuse) how that would have played out to the selection committee.

Do recall many here, --myself included---, questioning his wisdom in scheduling such a tough road for a younger team that provided no rest for the weary. He obviously understood that our SOS would factor and here we are as a seeded team with a home game despite a 8-6 record.

Also like to highlight, as we tend not extend discussions on victories, that the Cuse squad despite being a finals week and despite not playing the perfect game as is our God given right to expect , played with intensity in posting a 12 goal victory over a decent Colgate team that had to impress and influence the selection committee. Bravo and congrats to all especially the seniors for earning another game at the Dome critics be damned.

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