Favorite TV Episodes: The Fugitive "Flight from the Final Demon"


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Aug 26, 2011
THE FUGITIVE 3/10/64 “Flight From the Final Demon”

Ed Nelson, who had been in “The Girl From Little Eqypt”, returns in another role as a co-worker who helps Kimble escape when the local Sheriff, (played by Carroll O’Connor several years before he became Archie Bunker), corners him at the health club they’ve been working at. It turns out that Nelson has also faced a murder jury and is on the run from their verdict. He can’t go back, either. For a time they travel together as fugitives but something is wrong. Nelson doesn’t seem to know the “rules of the road” and even when they are explained to him, he seems to keep making mistakes. It turns out his situation is the exact opposite of Kimble’s.

This one has a strong, haunting ending. It also shows us what Kimble has learned about avoiding the law, (from Ed Robertson’s book):

- Whenever possible, travel by bus or train. The frequent turnover of passengers makes it difficult for the driver, (and thus the police) to keep track of you. (Robertson points out in another episode that Kimble rarely travels by plane- now way to get out if you are trapped. And he was lucky to get out of that boat in “Ticket to Alaska”).
- If you are driving a car, always observe the speed limit. A speeding ticket or car accident will attract the police.
- Never cash a check. An out-of town check requires a phone call to your home branch, which could attract the police.
- Never make a long distance call from a hotel. By checking the phone records, the police could discover your next destination or uncover information about your past.
- If you have another person’s ID, memorize every detail about that card before you use it.
- Always have an alias ready in case you need one on the spot. And always remember which name you’re using.
- If you confide in people, make sure they never use your real name.
- Whenever possible, always travel alone: traveling with others could lead you to complications or tie you down at a critical moment, (as happens in this episode).

IMDB: "The Fugitive" Flight from the Final Demon (TV Episode 1964) - IMDb

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