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Sep 11, 2011
I talked to a number of people at work today and floated the idea of having a free rock/rap band play on game day prior to the game and also allow frats and other student organization have tailgates and activities on campus.

Unbelievable response.

1. The younger employees thought it was a great idea if they were allowed to mingle with the SU students - I'm talking about 20 something's

2. The older employees thought it was a horrible idea as they like to see and hear the "traditional" student band play outside and inside the dome - I'm talking 50 plus something's

This was a really small number of people I talked to around the water cooler but maybe there is a generation gap thing going on. The SU admins probably think nothing is wrong as I assume most of them are 50 plus something's - if we could just get more youth in the Dome at least I will be able to stand up and cheer without being told to sit down.
How many of those 50 somethings ACTUALLY go to Hendricks and watch the SUMB?
I think the idea runs counter to the goal of maintaining a traditional college atmosphere - a ton of people on this board are disgusted with SU's half-assed attempts at doing some collegiate things while pushing canned music, advertisements, etc.

No reason why student organizations can't tailgate on the Quad while the marching band plays on the chapel steps.
It's a college campus - the 20 something's in your office can hang out with college kids without a band. The band is already there for the older guys.

Are these people you are polling actually going to the games?
The band sucks. Unless its Grambling or Southern just skip the marching bands

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