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gamethread: secondary stuck in syracuse ?

Shocking another awful throw by Ryan missed another wide open WR for a TD...
When your down by 21 in the fourth quarter with 9 minutes left and your team is walking back to the line ... there is a serious problem. The players gave up. The players gave up because the coaching staff gave up. Both those false starts were running plays. It's easy to give up as a player when your coach gives up.
I used to be in the Nassib is a decent above average QB boat. I am now sinking in the he is below average boat. If you can't throw down field you limit the offensive options considerably. Some of the blame is WR's not getting open but more of the blame is on Nassib. He brings it on him self when he can't hit the wide receivers that are open because then they press our WR's at the line with tight coverage and give him nowhere to go.
They better figure this out by next week cause Coach P runs the same defensive.
What is the SU record for personal fouls in one game? Unreal.
Really hope Hunt is the real deal and splits time with Nassib next year. I worry a good QB is still not on the roster and may not get here until at least 2013.
I'm okay with throwing Loeb/Kinder in there to get some experience... especially after watching this.
This team refuses to build momentum.We'll be lucky to get 35k for USF.Any positive impression the WVU game made on potential recruits and fans is at the very least greatly diminished.This is the worst non-Grob era performance I can remember.This team was totally unprepared today.
That's all she wrote. Time to go home and regroup.

Now the only thing that can salvage part of my weekend is to watch WVU absolutely crush the Girls.
Looks like the traffic's bad in Louisville also. About 1/3 of the crowd has already departed.
Why not bring in least that would be entertaining.

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