gamethread: secondary stuck in syracuse ? |

gamethread: secondary stuck in syracuse ?

two passes for long yardage...we do not look to up for this game...What...may be a long, very long day.
run for loss...didnt happen vs. losses on runs...we arent into game yet
now delay of game...loss on run, 1 yd on run, delay of game...not a good start
now a personal foul after the pass play against 'Cuse...kicking from zone...not a good thing...what happened to the momentum from last week's win
Where did this L'ville crowd come from? I feel like every time we've played them or I've watch them at home, it's been quiet and empty...
...who was throwing punches by 'Cuse...another bonehead play...What...this is rediculous...15 yds when we had a good punt stop...damn
another 5 minutes like this and off the TV and going to play golf...just luv south fl
We are so not ready to play right now. Seriously What......
another 5 minutes of this and off to shovel snow...just luv eastern NY
Hay always commits dirty penalties... Every game there is at least one personal foul.

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...Louisville not happy about not being selected by Big 12...they want to kick ass, 'Cuse is resting on last weeks glory...this is on coach M and staff
total lack of discipline again
'Cuse lucky there...holding on cardinals...but where was secondary...would have been another passing TD without defender in sight.
Horrible start. Not what you want to see.

I am not sure why anyone is surprised by this - throw out last week and the rest of the season (and last) is filled with games where SU was out coached, out hustled, out played and out smarted. Weak opponents allowed SU to win games that they should have lost.
Run play right here...lemon walked off.


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