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Apr 11, 2012
- Man, that was an ugly football game. BC is not a good team. I can’t believe we lost. Even with a backup QB. Not sure I have ever seen a team (Syracuse) continually get great field position and unable to capitalize on it.

- Iv been saying sense last years collapse it’s time to pull the plug on Dino. Still cringe worthy to hear people chant Fire Babers. As much as it’s time, it’s just uncomfortable. Do everyone a favor JW

- That was an atrocious PI call in the endzone which lead to BC’s touchdown just before the half. Little contact and uncatchable ball.

- Undisciplined penalties. Year after year, penalties that kill drives. No discipline on this team. The comment about suspending Clark but letting them him play special teams is a joke. Your either suspended or your not. No accountability on this team.

- The defense played well. Dropped 4 balls that hit them in the hands. But they were on the field for 42 mins. It’s hard to play defense for that long and that many snaps and hold a team down. They did their job. The offense did not do their job.

- CDW was the 12th rated pocket passer and 58th ranked recruit 3 years ago? What were the scouts watching? The guy made a play last year where my jaw dropped. The pocket presence and the velocity on the throw. After that play, he struggled against Pitt. But what happened to his arm? I don’t remember his arm being that weak. That was even more surprising he couldn’t throw a 10 yard out to the far sideline. That was gross

- CDW has been in the system for 2 years and all we could manage is 7 completions, 37 yards, and 4 interceptions? That’s on Dino and the staff. Not to bring in a different QB? Not to have a better number 2 when your starter can’t stay healthy with all the hits he takes and coming off elbow surgery in the offseason? That’s a failure on the coaches. There are D2 teams that have a better backup QB than we do.

- Want a perfect example of how undisciplined we are? Coming off 4 butt whoopings, talk about how these guys are still competing, and I have faith in these guys. And yet, in year 8 you are still putting this product on the field? Player isn’t even interested in playing football. Can’t even tell what number the player is. But he loses contain, doesn’t even acknowledge the punter has the ball and is looking to run. He instead just runs to the upman laying on the ground and jokingly jogs over there and stands in front of him. All I can think is he was more interested in running over there and telling him like Debo from Friday that he just got knocked the F out. Meanwhile. The punter runs right where he vacates and gets the first down. Typical Dino players, more interested in celebrating than doing the little things that helps win games

(Can I post videos on here? Looks like it only allows me to post pictures.). Threw it on twitter below.

Rip the Bandaid off. Although I do fear JW will go cheap. I have this feeling he will hire Tony White. Keep the staff the same since Tony worked with all of them. Small adjustments and not a total rebuild. Unfortunately, this program needs a total rebuild. Needs an experienced head coach that has history BUILDING programs from the ground.
All I can add is that 3 balls hit the DB's hands but one hit a DB in his club hand while diving down for the ball.

Good post CU44.
For all of Wilson’s warts, I’ve never seen the kid under throw passes. something definitely looked wrong with his arm. he even struggled to throw a long ball. Accuracy is his issue not velocity and arm strength, so what’s up.

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