Here are your 15th Annual IGGY AWARD WINNERS!!! | Page 2 |

Here are your 15th Annual IGGY AWARD WINNERS!!!

Congrats to the winners! I get the first 4 categories right and all I got was the Honorable Mention. Tiebreakers grr... can we add one for the poster who gets the most correct without winning one? We could call it the best loser or something!
Dude, this ain't Oprah. Do you really think the IGGY COMMITTEE has unlimited funds to give everyone an IGGY? LOL!!! You're lucky you got a shout out. Just kidding. Nice job, but just not enough.
Pretty soon VT...
If I could ever get over my ridiculous optimism, I'd probably have more than two lifetime.

I already patted myself on the back for Edwards hitting one three this year, I promise I won't go all VT on you all.
On behalf of gentle Iggy, may he rest in peace, I demand reparations. Iggy never consented to this grievous use of his handle. Our success was build on the back of this usurpation. In this age of NIL Iggy,s descendands are entitled to the bulk of the vast wealth of the Iggy Awards Foundation, to be supplemented by another tuition increase.
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