Here are your 15th Annual IGGY AWARD WINNERS!!! |

Here are your 15th Annual IGGY AWARD WINNERS!!!


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Aug 14, 2011
Once again, the IGGY AWARD COMMITTEE had to hastily meet-up to discuss and digest everything that has transpired over the last 24 hours. Wow. There was a lot to chew on. But one thing that we discussed in depth was how Iggy himself would have responded to the news of yesterday. One, we would agree that he would think it was time for a change. Two, exactly what was his true feeling about the old man. We know how he felt about the "tavern league zone", and we know that JAB probably once pissed Iggy off at the Weggies in Fayetteville, but did he respect HOFHCJAB privately. Did he have a shrine set up at his house where he worshipped him. Did the two of them have a pen pal relationship where they discussed strategy. We know we had some posters who were coached by Iggy. Maybe someone can fill the IGGY AWARDS COMMITTEE in on this.

It's safe to say that JAB's last season was one for the books. The good news is that we finished with a record over .500. We had a bunch of freshmen, who individually all had some nice moments. Enough to ponder why they couldn't do that on a more consistent basis. You could make that same argument for our sophomores. And for our seniors. If there was something to take away from this season, it was that we never really put together 40 great minutes, no matter the lineup and the defensive strategy.

So, assuming our season is over, and we are willing and able to update these awards if some tournament takes a lot of pity on the Syracuse Orangemen, let's get to the results of the 15th Annual IGGY AWARDS.

Here was the introduction from this past October, with the results below.

Yes. I know, it's hard to believe it's been 15 years since we started our IGGY AWARDS. It's harder to believe that this is the 20th anniversary season of when a young man named Carmelo Anthony first stepped foot on campus. We know our coach's walkup music is the Boss and Glory Days is where we pine to be. The magic question is will we ever get back there again and could another young man help guide us there this year. (COMMITTEE NOTE: We are not asking Judah to lead us to a championship as that is a lot of pressure, but how about a nice winning record and a relative safe seed in the NCAA's. However, the tourney is in Albany and MSG this year, so let's shoot for the moon, and bring JG3 back to Section 2.)

Before we get to the actual categories and predictions, let's have a moment of reflection of our late fanatical member of who "graciously" lent his name to these great awards. We know how valued the IGGY AWARD is and the committee wants to posthumously thank IGGY for all the great conversations that he helped generate over the years. He was a true teacher and renaissance man as his attached obituary shows. Thanks IGGY and all of the others we have lost over the years.

Warren Bonnell Obituary (2022) - Skaneateles, NY - Syracuse Post Standard

View Warren "Moose" Bonnell's obituary, send flowers and sign the guestbook.

1) ACC RECORD. We are scheduled for 20 regular season conference games.

The 2022-2023 Orange squad finished with an ACC record of 10-10. We beat the teams we were supposed to beat, and we lost to the teams ranked ahead of us. We had six posters predict 10-10 and we had to go to the 2nd tiebreaker to pick our winner. Congrats to CuseFaninVT for winning the IGGY AWARD for best ACC record.

2) OUT OF CONFERENCE RECORD. We are scheduled for 11 out of conference games.

We finished with a record of 7-4. St. Johns, Colgate and Bryant were all woulda, coulda, shoulda games that we should have won. But we had a ton of new players and a zone that allowed average players to become Steph Curry. That said, the IGGY COMMITTEE just watched St Johns lose in overtime to #1 seed Marquette and Colgate won the Patriot League for the 4th straight year. Bryant was just a terrible game that hopefully we never need to revisit again.

We had 15 people predict 7-4. We had to go to the third tiebreaker for this category and in a big upset win, with his 2nd IGGY AWARD of the evening, congrats to CuseFaninVT. Some people never win one, and this guy who, I believe, was embarrassed by the volume of his posts and doesn't want his wife to know how many, wins two consecutive IGGYS. Please be sure to let your wife know your good news. Honorable mention to tbtcuse and SUOrange08 who both predicted the first two categories correctly but lost out in tiebreakers.

3) ACC Tournament RECORD. We could play anywhere from one to five games depending on season and success (or lack thereof).

0-1. Hopefully Red doesn't go 0-1 next season. We had eight people predict 0-1. Surprised there wasn't more based on past history. We had to go to the 2nd tiebreaker and we are proud to announce the winner of the next IGGY AWARD goes to BomberOrange. Congratulations.

4) NCAA TOURNAMENT-First four games do not count (or whatever they are calling them this year) so we could play anywhere from one to six games. If you do not think Cuse will make the NCAAT then put 0-0 as your prediction.

0-0. This is probably not a good time to insert a John Belushi 0.0 joke. Not the season that a lot of us were hoping for, but at least we don't need the agony of Selection Sunday to tell us we suck. 22 people predicted 0-0. Yikes. In a close tiebreaker, we are proud (disappointed?) to announce the winner of the next IGGY AWARD goes to Madbiker. Congratulations.

5) LEADING SCORER. Please list the player and how many points per game.

Wow, this was close. Came down to the end of the last game. Joe ended up with 16.4 ppg and Judah was right behind him at 16.3 ppg. Basically it came down to a five point difference that could have gone either way considering they both had some great games and both had some games that they will probably never watch again. We had a ton of people pick Joe and it came down to two people in the tiebreaker: BomberOrange (again) and OrangeDW. In a very close one, we are proud to announce our 2nd double winner of the evening to BomberOrange.

6) LEADING REBOUNDER. Please list the player and how many rebounds per game.

Jesse, Jesse, Jesse. He was a man among boys. Culminating with a 20 rebound game in the first Wake game. Lots of people picked Jesse but everyone underestimated that he would snare an average of 10.3 rebounds per game. Awesome job Jesse. Hope that you are truly in love with Jesse's girl, and Syracuse wins out over a fat contract overseas. The winner of this category with a paltry prediction of 9.0 is Cuseattle. Congratulations to you.


Ok, so this gets old quick. We are in unprecedented territory here. JG3 made 88 threes this year. We had two people predict 88 threes for Joe. In another tiebreaker situation, CuseFaninVT wins in a close one over Madbiker for his 3rd IGGY AWARD of the evening. Now, I really hope the Catamounts lose on Saturday. LOL!!!

8) TIEBREAKER-Who will lead the team in 3 point shooting this season (same tiebreaker as last year). Will it be one of our rotation guys like JG3, Judah, Quadir, JT or Chris or will it be a walk-on that shoots 1-1 for 100% like happened last year. We just need the player and not the percentage.

Lots of suggestions all over the board. If you haven't been hiding under a rock, you should know Jesse won this with a percentage of 100%. Three people predicted Jesse (Niastri, GonzoinMD and RealOrange). In another tiebreaker, we are proud to award the last IGGY AWARD of the evening to Niastri.

A special shoutout to Benny Williams wtih a percentage of .396. He had a great game vs Wake2. Especially if you were at Wake1 and saw him sit in the 2nd row with the managers for almost the entire second half and playing only 8 minutes. Hopefully it was Red that got through to him and helped prepare him mentally in Wake2. Very nice turnaround.

The IGGY COMMITTEE congratulates all the winners. Thank you all for participating. Hopefully next season goes much deeper in March for all of us.

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Feb 27, 2012
Noticed my subtitle hasn’t been changed to reflect my haul of awards. Has a recount been requested or are the results being contested?


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Sep 1, 2011
Congrats to the winners! I get the first 4 categories right and all I got was the Honorable Mention. Tiebreakers grr... can we add one for the poster who gets the most correct without winning one? We could call it the best loser or something!

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