Here is the actual lawsuit filed by the BE |

Here is the actual lawsuit filed by the BE

So the networks can negotiate a reduction in broadcst fees if a member leaves but the opposite isn't true (the conference can't negotiate an increase if it adds members) ? If Moronetto has intentionally been delaying the entry of the new invitees just to hold SU's, Pitt's and WVU's feet to the fire, this could get very interesting indeed. How has the conference been damaged if they're right and nobody actually leaves until July 1, 2014 (beyond the legal fees and costs associated with seeking an injunction to force WVU to stay) ? I just don't see it. They have to renegogiate the TV contract anyway. It is almost a certainity that will result in more TV money irrespective of who's actually a member at that point in time.
Figured it would look like this
2 things:

1. Is "Prayer for Relief" a common legal term, or is it just the BE's way of saying "Help us, please!"?

2. Funny (and sad at the same time) - when the members of the BE are listed on pages 3 and 4, WV, SU, and Pitt (in that order) are listed last. As you might expect, given what has happened. But the kicker - are the other teams listed alphabetically? No. First on the list - Providence College. LOL. How appropriate.
After reading that:
Would the Big East conference have grounds to sue the Big 12 based on it's announcement of WVU being admitted before the 27 months have expired?

If the Big East sues WVU for monetary damages above and beyond "reasonable attorney fees" would Syracuse and Pitt both receive a portion of that?

If WVU is held in conference, will they not also get a share of the money they have been sued for?

Could WVU stay in the BE for all sports aside from football for the next 27 months and still technically be honoring their contract? Declare themselves a basketball only member and ask they are held to the same standard that Notre Dame is, being they are equal members in the eyes of the Big East

13. The Members of the BIG EAST Conference are Providence College,

Georgetown University, St. John’s University, Villanova University, Seton Hall University, The University of Connecticut, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, Marquette University, The University of Notre Dame, The

University of Louisville, The University of Cincinnati, DePaul University,
The University of South Florida, West Virginia University, Syracuse University,
and The University of Pittsburgh. Certain of the Members do not

participate in all of the Conference’s sports.
The Big East has awful lawyers this is a worse written complaint than the one filed by WVU. The Big East Contract would not be harmed if the Big East could have replacement schools in the conference for next year. Marinatto comes off as a spiteful man with these complaints. Why ANY football school doesn't vote of no confidence this guy is a joke.
Not sure it looks good to the people your trying to bring into the conference.

Especially if they think they could be in WVU's shoes, soon.
Not sure it looks good to the people your trying to bring into the conference.

Especially if they think they could be in WVU's shoes, soon.
Some of the new invitees allegedly wanted proof that the remaining 5 were committed to the conference. They did that by increasing the exit fee. The conference is doing its part by showing that schools can't just "up and leave" without playing by the rules.

Once WVU pounded its chest and said "We're outa here", the BE had little choice but to fight for its rules/process. Failure to do so would allow all to walk out when they desired in an unorderly manner that would undermine the conference as a whole.
A couple of things:

Counsel for the Big East is Covington & Burling, Paul Tagliabue's old firm.

Yes you can sue somebody before they breach of they have repudiated their obligations under the contract.

WVA will try to stay the Rhode Island suit in favor of the earlier-filed WVA suit. I doubt that will work. State courts have no obligation to defer to an earlier-filed suit in another state. The usual rule is that both suits can proceed until one results in a judgment.

I can't believe the conference bylaws don't have a forum selection clause that precludes a school from filing suit in its own backyard (where the pressure on the judge, particularly if the state's judges are elected, is immense).

Usually, you can't get specific performance of a contract if plaintiff can be made whole by an award of money damages. All of the conference's damages seem reasonably ascertainable.

Would the Big East really have it's TV contract for hoops reduced just because West Virginia

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