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I am nervous about this ACC move.

Because of all the bball only schools in the BE, it was only a matter of time before some of the important fball schools in the BE left for the ACC, SEC or BIG10. The BE couldn't continue much longer with all the bball only schools. SU was proactive to avoid being one of the teams that doesn't wind up in one of the eventual four superconferences. PAC16, BIG16, ACC16, SEC16 all schools for bball and fball.
Absolutely had to be done. If it wasn't us and Pitt, it would be (and still probably will be) WVU, Uconn, Rutgers etc... How in Gods name would the Big East keep it's BCS slot? It shouldn't have one as it is now. The talks of adding KU and TT or whatever Conference USA team help us how in football? I'll miss the old days of the Big East, but those days have been gone for awhile. Huge day for the whole university.

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