interesting article on athletes reading levels |

interesting article on athletes reading levels

If they can't read above an eighth grade level then how are these guys suppose to pass a college class... I'm no expert, but that seems like a recipe for failure for the player after sports.

On a positive note, we are very fortunate to have a team full of players with good heads on their shoulders.
Best comment, one I completely agree with by the way:

Functionally illiterate individuals SHOULD NOT be admitted to universities. It's simple.

It would surprise me if any big-time athletic program came out looking much better if subject to the same analysis. Anyone inclined to feel superior should remember that Fab Melo spent four semesters at Syracuse just a couple years ago.

I've reached a point with college sports where I just accept that it's essentially entirely corrupt. Some parts might be a little better, some parts might be a little worse but on the whole it's ugly and exploitative if you peel back even the first layer. I don't think there's a solution to this - there's no way to actually reform college sports, and I don't think most participants would be better off if college sports just disappeared. So we all enjoy it and tacitly agree not to look to probe too hard.
Love how the NCAA puts all the responsibility on the schools-what is the point of their existence? Also like the comment that athletes only try for a high enough score for eligibility. Amazing how they are able to predict just what they need to be eligible...and the sliding scale for eligibility must lead to grade inflation at the HS level.

Let's just stop the charade and let those who want to get an education while playing their sport do so, while not forcing the others to pretend to be students.

Imagine what must get spent on tutoring at these big-time schools...
90% of these guys don't go to college for the education, they're there to play basketball. 90% of these guys wouldn't be admitted to the universities they attend if the basketball team didn't get them in.

If these guys are smart enough to take advantage of the 100k in tuition being paid for, awesome for them. I for one want these guys to at least leave with a degree if they don't continue their basketball careers at a higher level. I for one really don't care about the APR or anything to do with their academics, and outside of the eligibility I don't think most universities, the NCAA, or a majority of coaches do either. The system is messed up and needs to be fixed.
The NCAA doesn't care because it can make money off these kids. The schools don't care because they need these kids to be successful. The players who are successful don't care because 90% of them are just there to play a sport and they are hoping to make 6 or 7 figures, degree or no degree. The fans don't care because they want wins.

The only ones who do really care are the players who are good enough to play in college but will never make it in the pros. They are the ones who need to stay for four years and really work on getting their degrees.
They shud rekwire all coledge bassaball playerz to take the Evilin Woodhead sped reddin korse. That wood remadee everythin.
While this article does a good job of pointing out the failure and funny business in are these kids getting through high school?
You hit the nail on the head there Entropic. With the NCAA sliding scale, this article shows that a good percentage of athletes in FB and BB meet eligibility with their HS GPA. I would bet that the additional support for these students starts a lot earlier than college, and is very similar to that provided by colleges (tutors, academic coaches, faculty mentors).

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