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Aug 27, 2011
Who is the Rasheed kid from Louisburg in the same league as Nassau CC? I was looking at some stats and the kid is burning it up. Looks to be a soph wonder if we are on him. Also which kids at NCC are we looking at this year?
The big one for NCC is Bryan Johnson. Supposedly huge, strong, fast, and a physically mature player due to not going straight to college. Despite all this he is still probably raw and could make one incredible tandem with Chandler next year.

A few more players have caught my eye, albeit due to the sizes at their listed position or stats, as opposed to any idea how good they actually are. Chris Jones is a Frosh LB that had a half dozen offers from legit programs, including us. Rony Barrow had 5 tackles for loss in the first game, including 2 sacks. He's 6'2" 274lb, so a guy who might be something worth watching if his play continues, especially since I don't even see anything about him in quick searches. Jordan Kittrell is just a frosh WR. Played in the Chesapeake Bowl according to TOS and had been starting to make some noise. 6'4", so could be something there too.

The biggest name missing... and that is 100% literal... is Golden Ukonu. I thought he signed a letter of intent to play for NCC, but he isn't on the roster. This was a rosy little article from last year, so you would hope he would have been able to get himself to JUCO, at the very least. Was not nearly as impressive in film IMO as Crume and Wayne Williams were. But adding 370lb of bulk to the rotation that soon could feature a 330lb Crume, 300lb Brantley, 300lb Bromley, 300lb Coleman, and please oh please oh please, a 350lb Wayne Williams, would just be nasty.

Speaking of Williams he is at ASA and had 2.5 sacks in his first game at ASA

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