Like the new location. |

Like the new location.

Henny & Coke

2nd String
Aug 26, 2011
Would love to hear the reasons for why the move was made...always curious about such things. If there's a thread that discusses, please feel free to post.

Anyway, been a long time lurker, would post when I had something to say, under the username SUHoops123...thought it was time to change up the username. So Henny & Coke it is!

Story behind the username: I was a senior on the Hill for the magical 2003 run. Was bartending at the local Marshall street wateringhole (that used to be the legendary 44s) at the time, and a few days after SU won it all, the entire team strolled into a packed weekend crowd at the bar while I was working. They were allowed to come behind the bar and serve drinks for people, when none other then Carmelo Anthony came over to my side of the bar and requested a "Henny and Coke, please". Did it matter that is was common knowledge that the guy was 18 years old? You guessed it...not at all! I made him his drink, and he kinda just chilled in the background, sipping his Henny and Coke, taking it all in. Other players were taking orders and serving drinks for the was a wild scene, and something I will never forget.

Henny and Coke! On the house. Was the least I could offer for this guy who helped make so many great, lifelong memories for me and my family.

I appreciate all the great inside info and recruiting nuggets you guys provide. Thanks and I will try to get involved a bit more on the new website. Go Cuse!
Since this is my new avatar, it's appropriate my first post is here under this thread.

And, Georgetown still sucks, 6 sites later. :)

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