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Aug 27, 2011
Another great day on the Hill with my father and the gang. Got to the Manley tg about 2 and had a few bumps and some great food.

The game was odd in that the referees were so bad on most calls that there didn't seem to be a normal flow. Between missed or challenged calls, Calls that were reviewed and of course TV timeouts the game had a weird vibe to it. I'm not sure but i think the first quarter took about 1:15 which is long.

I thought that Shrader looked better as the game progressed. He seemed sharper than last week but still didn't have the zip on the ball and often threw behind his receivers. I'm sure he is still getting back from surgery.

Last week each time that OG caught the ball he went to the ground to protect himself. I actually told my father I felt that was a bad sign. Personally, I don't think he was close to 100% last week. I hope I didn't jinx him with yesterday's injury as he is such a talent and if we are lucky will be back soon. Just a guess by I'm thinking we see him at NC.

Wolly bear is most likely gone for the year. Hopefully he can take a medical and get the year back as according to Bees he was grading out well.

If and it's a big if we can get Elis and Moore back, we should be ok. Based on what Shrader said I'm hopeful.

I felt that Price played much better this game. His vision was better, and he ran with purpose. Good to see.

Love our WR group. They all look talented and i think the speedster from Texas is going to break a few this year. Kid has that IT, and he looks really good.

As to the D, wow are we deep. When kids like Kadin are second and third team you know we have talent. I really like 14 as a DB break on the ball well and likes to hit.

Kicking game is as good as it has been in a very long time. The Florida kid has a true chance to play at the next level, both of them have cannons for legs. Good to see as it complements our D.

LIked the coaching and thought that Beck called a great game. Took what the D gave as they completely sold out against the run and Beck made them pay.

Student section wasn't as good as last week. Pretty sparse after the half.

All in all, a solid win, less the injuries. If we get a few Oline back, we will be fine. I think we need to play field position next week. If we come out of the first Q even or ahead, we win going away. The first Q is the key.

last point the crowd really gave the soccer team a well-deserved round of applause. We have such good fans who are so hungry for success.

Undefeated and cautiously optimistic. Go Orange!

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