Nassib is Good |

Nassib is Good

It'd be nice if the playcalling was better. To have him and two thoroughbreds in the backfield and have that... ugh.
Very comfortable with him and his choices in crunch time. Sometimes misses a pass by a yard or two. But that is happening less frequently as he gains more experience.
Also completed passes to 9 different players. Speaks pretty well of going through progressions.
I remember somebody complaining about the WRs not developing, as Nassib only throws to Chew and Lemon. Did somebody dial up West today? I think they did ;)
He has the tools ... I think he needs to learn 3rd down situations better. Improvement has been shown in all categories.
Your right 44cuse, Nassib is doing a really really good job. Best QB we have had in some time. PTG had a nice game as well for the backup.
He has the tools ... I think he needs to learn 3rd down situations better. Improvement has been shown in all categories.

I think we need to stop running the offense to have 3rd and short, and instead start taking advantage of having two downs before it to get a 1st down.
played safe and efficient.

2 bad plays were the sack he took on blitz. and missing chew for td. but no interceptions and no major blunders
His composure in the pocket and decision making has improved dramatically from when he was "the elephant."

He's been impressive this season.
I'm more impressed with him each game. I didn't get to see the whole game, but what I did see looked very professional. With the exception of the 11 yard sack he played as well as anyone could have expected. I'm sure his family is very happy for him!! What a great day for all of us Orangemen fans!! We have a very talented quarterback in our midst.
He seems to understand the limitations of himself and the offense. The mistakes are decreasing and his understanding of the flow is getting much better. It would be great if he could develop a true deep threat that is consistent.
He is a mature, coachable athlete. For the first time, today, I thought he might actually be an NFL prospect.
Exactly right. Way better than Nunes, RJ, etc.


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He played his worst game of the season...

16/24, 213 Yards, 2 TD, 0 Ints

That's pretty damn good.
I hope you're right BlackKnight!!! Wouldn't that be something, to have that stat line be your worse game... If our receivers can stay healthy we have some serious potential.
I thought he was the worst QB in the history of the program?​
Good, even very good yes. The best we've had in a long while, yes. Efficient, productive, a player without whom we'd not have nearly the success we've had. So good, very good yep, and a player we need now to lead the team/program back to respectibility absolutely. So, again, good yep, maybe very good but not great. To become an elite top 25 program semi-consistently we need a qb that can create. That can whirly bird out of a sack situation, that can win with his legs as much as his arm. And be as good as Ryan is with his learned progressions, coolness in the pocket, cerebral approach to the game, good arm and now better developed leadership skills. Now a proven winner in clutch situations with the game on the line. Glad we have him right now while at the same time looking forward toward having the next dynamic qb on the hill whomever he'll be.

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