New center Recruit. 7/2


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Aug 15, 2011
He looks much improved , put on pounds and playing aggressive, gonna have a really good year
Good to hear.

If you think about it, prior to last season he'd barely played over the first three years of his college career. he was a backup at Providence his first season, and didn't garner a lot of playing time. Then he transferred here and had to sit out. Then he came off of the bench for a few games in season 3 before getting the eye injury and missing 85% of the season.

Last year was the first time he got any consistent court time. And while the statistics were unimpressive, he actually did a pretty good job, was an iron man [which isn't easy for big men to do, given all of the contact they have to deal with], stayed out of foul trouble, etc.

Doesn't surprise me that he might be able to build upon the game experience he gained and have a better year, after an offseason of hard work.

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