Not Another Post on Attendance - SU Athletics needs to step up |

Not Another Post on Attendance - SU Athletics needs to step up


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Sep 11, 2011
Yes another post on attendance. My neighbor's company "used" to advertise heavily in the Dome but cut back altogether because of lack of attendance (eyeballs as he put it) about 4 years back before Coach Marrone started.

Secondly, they gave up their box because they couldn't even "give away" tickets to their staff because no one in the company wanted to go to football games anymore (box is too far away to use for basketball). No one that he knows of inside his company of quite a few hundreds employed go to football games anymore like they did 10 years back.

SU and SU Athletics has a "huge" hill to climb in my opinion and its just not about winning games to "bring fans back". The definition of corporate insanity is that you cannot expect a different result if you keep doing the same things over and over and over again. Coaches and players have done their job by winning games, its time for SU Athletics to step up now and get fans in seats.

Also while I am on this subject - SU and SU Athletics needs to put its own house in order by getting its own students and faculty to come to games. That is something they have more control over than the general public at large.
Now more than ever, Syracuse HAS TO fill in the dome with students for the games. I understand students tend to attend as the general population does and that the $100 for a season ticket is a lot for a student (or at least money they could use for beer, condoms, etc.) I really think SU must therefore allow each student in for free. Heck even for basketball. If 5,000 students bough the $235 package for both seasons, thats just over $1MM SU would forfeit in order to preserve the ACC gravy train that is about to come our way financially, which will be a lot more. Plus the football games might become even more difficult for our opponents. Watch a Georgia Tech game. Their students are there for the team and are into the game. We have to do the same.
same with my company -- we do quite a bit of business with the university, and about four-five years ago they gave up their block of tickets (8 seats). Only the owner has his box still ... they tried to organize a company sponsored trip to the Dome against Ville in year two of GRob I believe where employees could bring their families, only got interest from 20 employees out of 100. After that experience they gave up their tickets.
one would think between all the faculty and students they could come up with at least 15 - 20 k to come out fer the games. I mean for christ fukking sakes SU is the largest employer in CNY.Time to take care of they own house b4 they rag on the general public.I don't care how pissed anyone gets for the general public ragging on the so called student body.If these drunken ass kids can't get out of bed at 10 in the morning to support they own school.WELL THEN FUKK UM!!!!Yet you have s on here bashing the locals with no ties WHAT SO EVER to this yuppy college ,who rather stick they nose in the air to us lowlifes at the bottom of the hill who are busting they ass to pay bills and keep food on the table to feed they kids.And yet you got this kid from SU crying because we are ragging on his lack of getting the students to the games.Buck up kid or you in in fer a rough life.So sick of hearing how these KIDS are to hung over to get the **** outa bed.BUNCH OF SPOILED LITTLE **** ANTS.WHAT THEY GONNA DO IN THE REAL WORLD.FUKKING SICK OF THE EXCUSES FROM THE DRUNK KIDS AND THE BASHING OF THE LOCALS!!!!

Solid !
These threads are painful. No need to start new threads on the same exact topic.

As far as trying something different goes:

1. We are winning games
2. We have 2 Fri night games
3. We are joining a better conference with more interesting opponents.

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