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OT: Paul Pasqualoni new Bears linebackers coach

P. will do a good job in Chicago. Whether the public will be able to appreciate it or not depends on the quality of the material he is given to work with.

Any word on GDL?
Whitey23 said:
Can't escape this guy.
If you look at it that way, we escaped him years ago. I don't believe he's coming back to coach the SU linebackers.

But I heard Greg Robinson might slide into our DC spot.
he wouldve been more than welcome on TC's staff.

smart move for trestman.
That's a good landing spot for Coach P.
Coach P's first game coaching SU I think was a home opener against Maryland and my wife and I were sitting next to a very nice couple about our parents age. We ended up talking and I made the comment "this is the best tackling team I've seen in years". The gentleman responded, "glad to hear it, our son (Coach P) is the linebackers coach". Salt of the earth people. I wish Coach P good luck with the Bears - my Bills could do a lot worse in their search.
I thought he might actually land a DC job in the NFL. He's overqualified for the job he's getting, which means it's a great hire for the Bears.
Good spot for him and the Bears.
good for him- his time had come at su- but he still is was and always will be orange
Good hire. And coach P can pull off the appropriate pronunciation of "da Bears" without much strain.
Good hire and good for him. But man, I don't know how anyone can be a high-level football coach. He's 64 and about to be living in his 5th "home" in 8 years. Not a lifestyle I aspire to.

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