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Post Bullet-Dodge: Moving Forward


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Aug 23, 2011
Our guys showed a lot of grit last night, beating a Miami team that was playing well, while a couple of our players had sub-par games or sub-par moments. There are a few items on my wish list for the rest of the season:

1. MG being willing to take some shots. When he was in there, Miami defenders backed off him and packed the lane, making it more difficult for CJ, Grant, etc. to work

2. Grant working on that foul line jump shot. He is consistent with that, it gives a huge leg-up.

3. Defending the alley-oop from the driver and/or from the high-low. When I played the game, and on the odd occasion when we played zone, it was the middle guy in the back who was responsible to stop the driver, as well as get out on the guy who caught the pass at the foul line. It was one of the wing's responsibility to get the center's back by moving into a position around the basket, between the offensive guy down low and the basket. If not, or by being late, most always translated into a basket, or a foul, if you tried to block his shot from behind. I think RAK got wrongly blamed a couple of times for not being where Grant or CJ should've been. I might be wrong here, JB has experimented a lot with the old 2-3 zone, but, from what I saw last night, I don't think so. Then again, he is being paid a bundle of dough, and I'm an unpaid basketball analyst.

4. There is a direct correlation between how hard and crafty Cooney works to run off screens, reverse direction behind screens, etc. He tends to noticeably lose his spirit and shot mojo if he misses a couple and then proceeds to cease working so hard to get free. On a couple of occasions in the second half, the guy chasing him around slid over the top of the down screen so he could meet Trevor coming out from behind the screen, taking Cooney completely out of his shot and in some cases even contesting the pass to Cooney. Cooney had a clear lane to reverse direction for either a layup or scoot to the opposite corner for a jump shot. As Jimmy V said, Trevor, "Never give up. Don't ever give up.

5. Christmas is becoming a very good second half player. I'd suggest that the SU trainer give him whatever rehydrating drink he gives him at half before the game.

6. This is a fun team to watch. Last night they could've been called the Valium Brigade.
I was surprised by how off some of Cooney's shots were after he began missing some threes. Typically most of his shots look like they have a chance - in this one my first reaction when he let go of the ball was, WOW, that's not gonna be close. Kind of shocking considering his accuracy of late - not sure what to chalk that up to.

Agree wholeheartedly on point 1. At the very least G has to show that he's willing to take the shot - and preferably nail a couple. I believe his rep was that he was a pretty decent shooter, so hopefully we see that aspect of his game at some point. Until then he's not going to draw much defense, and really limit the one thing he seemed to have some luck with early on - taking it to the rim. He doesn't have blow by speed, so he needs to make the defenders play him honest.

Not sure about the alley-oops......once that zone starts cheating out the way it does I would think the responsibility is solely on the center. I think the forwards need to show awareness, but I think Rak/Baye are expected to defend those passes. And honestly they were perfectly thrown, there wasn't one of them that I didn't think we would tip. Hats off to Miami for that, most teams don't prove so successful in that regard.
Ali is overseas so I presume his frame of reference puts the game at late at night and its now morning.

I will add one thing to the list and that is getting tyler some spot up 3s. He has a nice shot and we need him to be a threat to shoot it. It would relieve the pressure of cooney taking all our 3s and ensure defenses stay honest playing tyler.
Agree about the wings and the lob. Neither Grant nor C.J. had a good defensive game yesterday and both seem to lose the baseline pretty often so far this season.
Agree about the wings and the lob. Neither Grant nor C.J. had a good defensive game yesterday and both seem to lose the baseline pretty often so far this season.
we gave up 44 points to an ACC opponent, I don't think their defense was the problem

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