Probably a broken record, but my take on the game... |

Probably a broken record, but my take on the game...


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Aug 15, 2011
Just got back to Delaware County with my dad from the game. Beautiful day for the walk through the quad. Makes you want an outdoor game, but thats another thread. Walking through at about 3:15, the quad seemed pretty active, it made it seem as if we were going to have a good turnout.

20 minutes before the game, the dome was still pretty empty. Really disappointing. Thought the students turned out pretty well today, too. Chandler, Rishard, and what looked like Mario Tull were seated below us near the band. Popular guys, seem really nice and approachable though, based on the hoards of students surrounding them.

I thought our second possession we had some nice plays. I wasn't too upset with Nassib's INT, because I think its a throw he can make, and I think he is confident in making it.

I think its gone unsaid up to this point, maybe not, but URI's OLine is pretty huge. They were bigger than ours. I thought they did a nice job making lanes for the scatback. That #7, the WR was excellent, he made a lot of plays, and found some seems. The URI QB made some great throws, too. Probably could start at a smaller D1 school.

Also, SU finally shot the inside gaps on the blitz in the 4th and they finally got it right with Spruill getting the final two blocks. Couldnt finish it around the edge, but shooting the inside gaps, they finally got to the QB in a big way.

Ryan Nassib is over 500 yards with 6TDs and 1Int. Not a bad first few games. He can make any and every throw. I'd like to see him take off sometime soon. He has decent legs. Ryan throws such a good ball. I dont think he missed a target after the first quarter. His throws are all right there. Theres a lot to like about him. And whoever thought that Lemon breaks the all-time receptions mark, he may do it this season the way he's being targeted.

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