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Aug 26, 2011
Just want to say- I was against the 2003 shift of Big East Members to ACC and was happy that Syracue and Pitt had stayed in the Big East.

Now it looks pretty much final that Syracuse will join the ACC, I will support the home town team on their move. I realize change is inevitable and major conference changes are going to occur.

I will miss playing:
Georgetown (even though the rivalry / talent have diminished over the 2000s, the hatred (and respect) goes on
Connecticut - their talent over the years were always a big test
Notre Dame
St. Johns - I am hoping that Steve Lavin would bring back to Laimbeer/Mullin days of play
Seton Hall - Has been tough over the past two years
Providence with the addition of Ledo and DUnn next year would have been interesting.
West Virginia - always interesting even more so since Huggins has been around.
Louisville - always hads talent and coaching. I will miss playing against Pitino.

While the ACC is more traditional and offers the best opportunity for football and basketball, I will miss the WOW factor of the Big East

I know that the football team will be better playing the likes of Clemson, Miami, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Pitt and even Maryland. Funny how the majority of those teams were Big East at one time. I feel outside of Duke, North Carolina and again Maryland (lesser so), the Big East was a much better conference and has more of an upside in basketball than the ACC.

If we go into the ACC and there is talk about expanding to 16 schools, I would like to see West Virgina, U Conn, Notre Dame and or Lousiville be considered. If any two of these schools leave, Big East football which has been teetering will collapse and then the overall Big East will disappear.

It has been a great run in the Big East, and like Dick Vitale I wish that the Big East would all stay together. Unfortunately, it won't. If we did not leave, some else would. Notre Dame has to make a decision soon. Their downward trend won't help them survive as an independent.

I will enjoy these last years of Syracuse in the Big East.
Georgetown didn't die. I would bet a large amount of money we schedule them OOC every year.
Don't fret. In another five years, definitely no more than 10, conferences will change again.

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