Saturday will be the 1st college game without one of Paterno or Amos Alonzo Stagg |

Saturday will be the 1st college game without one of Paterno or Amos Alonzo Stagg


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Aug 16, 2011
on the field since 1884.


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Aug 15, 2011
on the field since 1884.
It is truly amzing.

Paterno started as an assistant coach at Penn State in 1950.

At the start of the season in 1950...
Ben Schwartzwalder was in his 2nd year as the HC of Syracuse. He would retire in 1971.
Bud Wilkinson was the head coach at Oklahoma, his 4th season as their HC. He won his first NC that year. Retired in 1963.
Robert Neyland was the HC at Tennessee. They won the Cotton Bowl that year. He retired in 1952.
Bear Bryant was the HC at Kentucky, coaching his 5th year there. He retired in 1982.
Pappy Waldorf coached California to the Rose Bowl, going 9-1-1. He was 47 and would retire from Cal and coaching in 1956. Started his coaching career as an assistant coach at Syracuse, where he played football, in 1925.
Johnny Majors was 15 years old. He would attend UT, become an AA there and enjoy a long coaching career that ended in 1996.
Dick MacPherson was a student and football player at Springfield College. He would start his college coaching career as a GA at Illinois in 1958. Retired from coaching in 1992.
Bobby Bowden was a student and football player at Howard College (now called Samford).
Bo Schembechler was a student at Miami University (OH). He would start his HC career there in 1963 and end it at Michigan in 1989.
His HC at Miami was Woody Hayes, who started his HC career at Denison in 1946 and ended it with a wild punch at the 1978 Gator Bowl.
Wayne Hardin was coaching a HS in California. He would retire in 1982.
Duffy Daugherty was also a college assistant, serving under Biggie Munn at Michigan State. He would become the MSU HC in 1954. Retired in 1972.
Jack Bicknell was 12 years old. He would get his first job as a college football assistant at BX in 1968.
Frank Maloney was 9 years old. He would retire as a HC in 1980.
Frank Beamer was 4 years old. He would get his first assistant coaching job at the college level in 1972, when he became a GA at Maryland.
Paul Pasqualoni just turned 1 year old.

Face masks became legal in college football in 1951.
In 1953 two platoon football was abolished and players were only allowed to enter the game once each quarter.
Amazing he long he was able to survive in such a high pressure world.

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