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Sep 3, 2011
So I have had season tickets and I tend to be relatively rational in most cases. I understood that getting to a bowl would be the goal this year and our defense should be really good next year (assuming all 9 starters return). That being said I am starting to see things that make me wonder. The stories here about unhappiness could probably fixed by a few wins and good play but the other stuff makes me wonder. Here are my thoughts:

Short Term

1.) Nassib's flaw are easy to expose. He is accurate in short passes and has a good arm. That being said his longest pass this year is 60 yards and every other game features a long of 30-40 yards which are almost all shorter passes with some YAC. Defenses have no respect for his deep pass because quite frankly he has yet to prove he can hit it. He also is not very good at sliding in the pocket (when they come up the middle he can't do much). On 4-man rushes he runs around alot instead of sliding around. Barkley, and the WF QB were pretty good at that.

2.) With all due respect to Bailey he is a 3rd down back. He's a talented kid but he is meant for the role that he was in last year. I don't know if Smith or Moore will work like Carter but for this offense you need a guy who gets 4 yds. a rush the whole game not 3 yds till the fourth before breaking off a 50-yd. run. It will be interesting to see what happens next year.

3.) KICKOFFS. This has been a problem for a long time. I'll give Fiseher a little bit of a break cause I think they are telling him to kick it short and let it bounce. If he doesn't improve next year we may be in trouble. The kickoffs and coverage are attrocius. Find a kicker who can kick it into the endzone. If you give a scholly to a long snapper you may as well give one to a kid who can do this.

4.) Tackling is not good. Most teams have beaten us by pummeling us with a theme. Many teams attack our corners and if the pass rush isn't good they are getting beat. But in the UCONN and Louisville game they just ran at the team and they coudn't tackle. UCONN especially if #11 is in then he is going to keep the ball and we couldn't stop this. People get mad about adjustments but we were in place a number of times and arm tackles and poor technique just don't cut it. If they could tackle better that may have been a different outcome. Against UCONN I would have dared that QB to pass. He never attempted a pass.

Future thoughts:

1.) Does anyone else notice they are recruiting running backs and tight ends for a power offense and QB's (and no FB's) for a spread??? Smith and Moore don't really work from a spread mindset, yet Hunt, Kinder and Broyld are all spread QB's. Smallwood and McFarlane seem to be spread style RB's if they make it but as of right now it doesn't appear that they match. Maybe these QB's will work in the rollout mindset but they come from a high school spread offense so that would appear to work.

2.) I think our defense will develop but I am surprised that they are not giving more burn to guys like Crume, Lynch, Reddish, Desir, and Robinson. Marinovich/Sharpe have not done much on the pass rush why not give Robinson a shot and some experience. Give Crume some time on early downs or when a QB runs down your throat continually. And since neither Kevyn Scott nor Rishard Anderson are playing particularly well why not at least see what the young guys can do. What's the worst thing that will happen they will bet burned too???? I think the desire to win now is important and getting that 6th win gets us the extra practices which is the bigger deal. That all being said SU is not winning the Big East and these guys may give you a chance next year if they get some experience now.

3.) I think recruiting is a crap shoot. I know we all want the Jones, Perkins and Morgan's of the world and so do I but we aren't going to be in on as many of those kids due to our location (I have lived here my whole life and love Syracuse but if Florida or USC came calling I would at least take a visit). We need a great O-Line (Doable with development) and Defense (with experience it can work) and the one great player (Mike Williams, Donovan McNabb, Marvin Graves, Qadry Ismail) that makes defenses respect you a little. It seems like the line has been a big emphasis the last 2 years and as I have said above the defense should get better. That being said I don't see that type of player on the roster now and with the longshot exception of Broyld I don't see a current commit that qualifies (although there could be a Williams like player hiding in one of these kids). I think until we get a kid like this we will continue to be a middle of the pack Big East and lower third of the ACC type team. Here's hoping I am wrong.

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