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Should I take Spirit to the game?


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Aug 18, 2011
Every time I scroll by this thread I think OP is asking if he should take "Sprite" to the game, and I have a WT..F moment in my head. Carry on...


Alright. I just burned my couch. Now what?
Jan 9, 2014
No, you're not going crazy. I am trying to ask if I should bring a mythical elf to the game. Everyone else, though, has failed to grasp that.
I see your mythical elf and raise you a self-cloaking light saber...
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Aug 15, 2011
Orange Sky is on it. Spirit is great if you know the drill. Newest fleet of planes. Nothing like Frontier or god forbid Allegiant.

If the fare is cheap enough then check and buy the bag when you book. It costs more at the airport to do this. Nothing free on board. Snacks and water cost extra just like booze. I’ve flown them close to 10 times and it has been smooth sailing.

One more thing. Make sure you check in online beforehand. If you need to be in line for the counter/person for some reason to get your boarding pass you will be charged a small fee.

I have taken an extra carryon a couple of times without incident. If you have a topcoat on for instance I have hidden a large laptop/satchel under my coat while visibly carrying on my other small carryon at the gate.
I've had nothing but good with Allegiant.

All Airbus jets outta SYR

I dare say I know a bit more about aviation than the regular schlub

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