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Syracuse Looks Nice...Real Nice

One thing on Kentucky; Lamb can definitely shoot it, and so can Darius Miller.

Isn't Kelly supposed to have made a huge breakthrough this year for Duke? That's the word on the street. Haven't seen them play yet. I doubt we'd kill either Duke or UK; we'd probably be favored over Duke and UK might be a 2 point favorite on us, if i had to guess.

Kelly has scored more points, but a lot of that has been unguarded shots due to defensive breakdowns. I haven't seen him score while being covered.
I've seen a lot of talk about UNC's outside shooting...but it's not really that bad. Barnes and Marshall are both solid outside shooters, Bulluck can knock them down, although not consistently enough, and Hairston was one of the top shooters in this freshman class coming in. I think they'll be okay there, even if they aren't a great shooting team. Having Zeller, Henson and McAdoo to clean up the ORebs should really even out any poor shooting performances, i'd imagine.

Marshall is an awful shooter. He will be left wide open by every team he faces this year and forced to make shots. Agree that one of the keys for them will be Bullock and Hairston's shooting off the bench to help out Barnes.
Some of these teams have played top 5 teams and most of them have played top 25 type talent. We have played UAlbany.
I know what kind of potential we have and the length & athleticism can be judged playing anybody but lets wait until the first sign of adversity to see how long our bench is and just what kind of team we have.
Kentucky doesn't impress me. I watched them beat Kansas at MSG last night. They score probably 80% of their points on dunks and layups, no one can really shoot well on that team. I like Jones a lot but I can't see them making a run in the tournament if someone takes away the fast break from them.

Also not terribly impressed by Duke either. I watched the Belmont game, was there last night, and saw the first half of the presbyterian game. Dawkins was can't miss in the MSU game, but the Plumlees are incredibly overrated, and that Kelly kid's a bum too. When they play a team that is more athletically gifted they are going to get destroyed.

I think we'd kill both of those teams right now.

I think UNC's a pretty nice team from what I saw against MSU. Barnes is really good. Would love to play you guys, I think it would be a tremendous matchup. I'm really looking forward to the Cuse-Florida game in the Dome as well. Wished UF beat OSU the other night.
got to love people talking out of their ass

while they still are not a great outside shooting team Doron Lamb is a very good shooter, they went 7-15 from 3 and Lamb was 3-5
Oh, and Uconn is the most overrated team in the country.
don't let your hatred get in the way of your analysis

I would say Vanderbilt is more overrated
But, but, but...They have Andre Drummond! That makes them automatic! :bat:
at least the people who say "but but but, they have Andre Drummond" have some reasoning for their thoughts unlike you
My thoughts on teams, in no order

UConn will be a scary team come March - mark that down. They may only have 2.5 guys capable of scoring, but they are as big as an NBA team and can play very good defense and rebound with any team in the country.

OSU - only caught the end of the UF game. We know Sullinger will get his 20/12, and Buford is legit outside, who else can help down low w/ Sully?

UK - obviously 4-5 lottery picks on this team. VERY thin, however. If one guy goes down, they have no chance. If Jones, Lamb, Davis, or Teague get hurt, this isn't a top 10 team. Looked like they were playing AAU/pick up ball vs. KU... going 1 on 5 all night until they realized they are more athletic than KU and started looking inside. Shooting concerns run deep.

Duke - They'll score with the best of them. Dawkins, Curry, Rivers all gunners. How will they play when someone hits them in the mouth? Will they be able to stop a guy like Sullinger or will they double him? Key to beating Duke, IMO, is just getting pissed off and playing as physical as you can, although the refs won't allow that with them. Bunch of pretty boys. Skilled pretty boys, nonetheless. Wouldn't shock me to see them make a FF run.

UNC - obvious favorite for title. Similar to Duke, how will they react when a team hits them in the mouth? They're bigger than most NBA teams, how will they handle UConn's size and athleticism? I think Calhoun, sans Kemba Walker this year, might sometimes favor a slow-it-down game, how would UNC handle that?

UF - great guards, one legit big guy. live and die by the 3.

Pitt - What's up with Khem Birch? he's played like 20 seconds. I thought he would have at least some impact. They'll be around in March.
I think Lamb is the key to Kentucky's season actually. He impressed me a lot last year, and he can really shoot the ball well. Knight was a great shooter last year, but Teague has a completely different game. If Teague can slow down and learn how to be a little more under control then he will be fine. It's only been two games for him. Kentucky doesn't seem deep at all.

For dook, I've been impressed with Dawkins. He's playing better defense, and he certainly has the range. I'm not sold on Kelly yet either as a scorer. Dook fans are calling him Dirkelly already, which is fun. They are funny to me.

I only got to see Pitt play about five minutes. They look like they have the players to be that gritty, defensive team, but I guess they aren't there yet. From what I saw of Birch in AAU he is very raw, but I love his energy. I wasn't aware that he didn't get to play much. Interesting.

Kendall Marshall just has to be able to shoot the wide open set shot, and I think he will be ok, but I don't think he is our answer to our shooting woes. Bullock and Hairston both had huge reps as shooters in high school. Bullock was injured all last year, so we shall see. Strickland just isn't an outside shooter, but I love his defense, speed, and energy. Roy always likes to try to have a shooter to bring off the bench. Players gotta play though.

Did I hear somebody say that Cuse was gunna mix up their defense this year? Interesting.

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