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Things I don't get



1. Running a pro style O in CFB. Just doesn't work unless you have the talent, which few teams do.

2. Running a power running O with an RB who is better off in any other O.

3. Stevens being on the field so much. Is he really one of our 5 best skills on the team? Using him so much in obvious passing situations makes zero sense. He is a solid TE and this is nothing against him and all about having a WR in there when we need to throw it. Who would you rather throw those bubbles to Stevens or Graham, who can actually get more then 4 yards on the play? Who would you rather split wide Stevens or West? Who would you rather have in on 3rd and long Stevens or Chew, who seemed to be out every 3rd down for soem reason?

4. Where is skill talent on O? Why is there zero depth at RB, which isn't a hard position to recruit? Why have we not seen much out of his WRs yet? Marrone has done a nice job getting solid kids to add overall depth to the team. But it seems like the playmakers are lacking.

5. RU was jumping the slants all day. Why was there no counter to this? After Shady gifted us a TO that last drive of reg, we had 4 chances at getting a first. It looked like RU was sitting on every play.

6. Why on passing downs are we using Anene and Lynch on WRs? Wouldn't it make more sense to use Desir and Reddish? The LBs have no experience so that isn't a factor? And you would think that you rather have speed out there for man coverage or zone. IMO our secondary has been pretty good all year. Where we are getting beat is the LBs on the outside and over the middle.

7. Why have we not been blitzing more often this year? We looked like a totally different D. Was the staff too scared to get beat by vastly superior Os to RU's before this game?

8. Our best O player is Nassib. So why the insistance on being a run first team? The strength of this year's squad is the passing game. Yet we are acting like it is still last year's team. The first half was beyond conservative. The whole game we rarely passed on 1st down and did an awful job of mixing things up. Really our personnel is screaming Spread. And we looked best IMO when we used a Spread 4th Q vs Wake and vs USC.

9. What was up with the kicking game? Twice they got a guy off the corner, one which was blocked. And then they have a guy walk right in untouched. I have never seen that. We were lucky that there was a penalty on that or they have 7.

10. All three BE home openers SU came in with some momentum and in all three we have laid an egg. Hard to get the fans back when you do that.

11. SU left a lot on the field. But RU missed more kicks, had as many TOs as SU in regulation, and had a TD called back. The difference in the game was the O play calling IMO. We are insistant on running the ball but when we should run it, we don't. 1st and goal from the 5 and we line up empty backfield and throw to a true Frosh with no catches on the year? What? You run it there? And if you pass you call a play action. Dumb dumb dumb. 3rd and 1 and you call a pass to Bailey? Seriously? With momentum we come out and try a screen? When have we called a screen all year? Now Nassib made a bad decision throwing it but odd play call. And 4th and inches we kick the FG in OT? Seriously? Do we not have a QB sneak in our playbook? And taking 3 there makes you have to make a stop on D. RU has Sanu and 25 yards. Too risky IMO.

12. Marrone usually has a good gameplan and makes good adjustments. But today his gameplan on O was . We did run the ball well the second half but the bottomline was the O scored 6 points today. Totally unacceptable!!!!! And god he is so damn conservative.

13. Wow is RU classless. They way they acted after the game they should be embarrassed. Several of them ran over to our sideline and talked trash to rub it in our face. Especially #91. But is that really a surprise with the scumbag HC they have?

14. We lost this game. RU didn't win it. They are a bad FB team. Lucky for us we still have three bad FB teams left on our schedule. Although all 3 are on the road.

15. I am assuming that the coaches harped on protecting the ball all week. So how the hell do you fumble first play of the game and in OT? Protect the bal ball.
I like this post. I must be a bad fan?

I'll only disagree on one point. Our DB's showed some good coverage skills today, but they still tackle like girls.
yeah I must be a bad fan too. Item 4 is particularly accurrate. Not to get into a recruiting post but some might say that many of Marrone's recruits are depth type players.
<<<4. We lost this game. RU didn't win it. They are a bad FB team. Lucky for us we still have three bad FB teams left on our schedule. Although all 3 are on the road.>>>

Unfortunately, they are going to be our big competition for a spot in a bowl game. In his comments, Marrone low-keyed the win over RU last year. You can be sure Shady and RU will not do the same. You'll be hearing about this one off and on for the next year. And properly so. They won.
i've had enoung of seeing Bailey on 1st downs run it straight up the gut for a yard or two. that was mind-numbing

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