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Aug 15, 2011
All Seats are in Section 114
Board Name # Tix Row/Seats

TexanMark 4 R 20, S 1-4
sutomcat44 sent to NOLA 1 R 21, S 1-2
DNabb544 2 R 13 S 12-13
QuoVadis 3 R 17, S 7-9
Quatsy 2 R 21, S 3-4
HTownOrange 6 R 21, S 5-10
UelSU 2 R 17, S 5-6
Acmersd 6 R 20, S 5-10
RaynVA 13 R 18, S 1-7 R 19, S 1-6
hoopsupstate 4 R 14, S 9-12
cabby1 2 R 17, S 1-2
cuckster7 10 R 18-19, S 13-17
jccuse 4 R 15, S 1-4
cusefan95 2 R 16, S 9-10
Bubba1917 14 R 21, S 17-22, R 22, S 15-22
domedog 2 R 22, 13-14
cramz 2 R 15, S 13-14
gocuse08 15 R 18-20, S 18-22
JJReddawg 3 R 17, S 14-16
atcar 6 R 19, S 7-12
dessu 2 R 17, S 3-4
consigliere 4 R 15, S 5-8
TexasCPA 2 R 21, S 11-12
TheRealOrangello 2 R 22, S 5-6
faninorlando 2 R 22, S 11-12
D5Nabb 2 R 18, S 11-12
shenexon 3 R 20, S 11-13
Jurrie 3 R 18, S 8-10
Deano 2 R 22, S 1-2
Jrggalu 4 R 14, S 5-8
Szymanski 1 W/tomcat
mrandre 2 R 17, S 10-11
Ragman46 2 R 17, S 12-13
drypolcher44 6 R 17, S 17-22
IthacaBarrel 2 R 16, S 11-12
OrangeTradition 7 R 13, S 5-11
BlackKnight76 2 R 16, S 13-14
cuseisloose 4 R 14, S 13-16
CNYinMiami 4 R 22, S 7-10
storange 2 R 22, S 3-4
Cusedog321 2 R 20, S 16-17
flasyr 2 R 20 S 14-15
Spencer 28 R 13-14, S 17-22 R 15-16, S 15-22
King Otto 3 R 13, S 14-16
Ackerman 4 R 15, S 9-12
JohnCuse44 4 R 21, S 13-16
To: Fellow Orange People (Please pass onto all your folks attending the game)

Syracuse vs. Tulane Game Info
We have a block of 204 tickets on the 50 yard line right behind the Syracuse Bench. I built a seating chart and I think I have successfully filled everyone’s requests. Unfortunately the rows are 22 seats across and everyone can’t be close to an aisle. The good news is the SuperDome is undergoing a huge renovation and it won’t look like anything you saw before. The seating is wider and has individual seat backs. We are sitting in the best seats in the house.

We are meeting at Walk-Ons Sports Bar at 1009 Poydras (Poy-dras) http://walk-ons.com/ They are doing a multi-million dollar renovation of the old Smith and Wollensky Steak House closed after Hurricane Katrina. They expect to be opened in time for the NFL kickoff. It will be new and upscale. They have an outstanding reputation from their other sports bars in Louisiana.
Link for location: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=1009 Poydras Street, New Orleans, LA&hl=en&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=32.610437,79.013672&vpsrc=0&z=16
Official Kickoff will be 2pm. You are welcome to arrive earlier. I wouldn’t recommend getting there too late. The place is huge but I’m sure you want a table. The buffet plan has been scrapped. We are now all ordering off the menu. There will be drink specials.
We are planning two remote radio broadcasts from the Sports Bar (local Cuse radio) and I expect several famous Cuse people to show up. We are hoping someone like Floyd Little will be there. I expect “Down the Field” to be played, cheer team to show up, and some speeches. This has been designated as the official meeting place for SU fans by Syracuse University. We are taking over the bar. Ticket sales suggest we could easily have 5-700 fans there at the game so I expect we could see 3-500 fans at Walk-Ons. All Cuse fans and their guests are invited.

They will be mailed to you via Priority Mail ASAP. I’m delaying mailing to most of you in the coastal mid-Atlantic area affected by the Hurricane. I will have a seating chart with me at the Sports Bar and can do my best to help you sell or buy tickets. Just come to me with your issue.

Only One Game Rule: Please Wear Orange in Our Section

Post Game: Celebrate The Win at Walk-Ons or another place of your choice.

Thanks TexanMark
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Great job Mark - thanks!
So sez the guy on the aisle...LOL The peeps sitting from 6-16 might not feel the same.

BTW, Tickets won't be mailed until Monday...I might even hold off those from coastal VA to NY a few more days.
I'm excited to be going and appreciate the work necessary to pull it together. Thanks!
So sez the guy on the aisle...LOL The peeps sitting from 6-16 might not feel the same.

BTW, Tickets won't be mailed until Monday...I might even hold off those from coastal VA to NY a few more days.
:)...Don't forget the Labatt Blue Light either - thats my icing on the cake.
TM, these are great seats, thanks. For anyone interested, you may see what your view will be like if you click this link:


Enter your Section # and Row #. The view rotates. Check out the site for the new improvements to the Superdome.

TM says these are great seats, the Saints agree and charge $298 for the seat, single game price. I'll take for $20. Thanks, again TM. Great job!

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