Watching the USC game on DVR finally, was at the game. Some thoughts. |

Watching the USC game on DVR finally, was at the game. Some thoughts.


Aug 26, 2011
Is USC the better team. Yeah, they are definitely more talented. However we were in this game. It was far closer than the final score.

Two of their drives continued or were aided by phantom penalty calls. The late hit that no one saw in the first quarter...tried to find it three times to no avail. And the pass interference on Kevyn Scott, huh? He turned to look for the ball and made very little if any contact with Woods. Even while at the game the USC fans around me couldn't believe that was called. Both these were at key times early on. Momentum.

The Alec Lemon drop in the second quarter was a killer (he had a great game over all though). Would have kept a drive going near midfield. Deon Goggins and Marquis Spruill were all over the place in the first half. Great composure by Nassib. He's really starting to get it. We have a good one on our hands.

When we drew within 24-10 in the 3rd quarter you could feel the momentum swing, all the USC fans around me were saying here we go again. We got the ball back, reached the 37 of USC and stalled after Nassib got sacked back at the 40. Losing Shamarko and Keon during this quarter probably put the final nail in the coffin as we saw Reddish get beat shortly after Lyn went out.

Overall I thought we played hard, well at times but we haven't built enough depth yet to afford ourselves the amount of mistakes that occurred. Especially when playing a team the caliber of USC. Nothing to be ashamed of though, we are getting there. Hoping we get Chandler, Shamarko and Keon back soon. We can beat everyone on our schedule, Toledo is going to be a tough game.

Overall a great experience at USC. Sat with a season ticket holder of forty plus years who was telling us great stories and really knew his stuff. Everyone on campus was very welcoming, I photobombed the USC Marching Band and enjoyed the wonderful errrrr views around me ;)

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