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1st annual Syracusefan.com Airing of Grievances

People who drive in the passing lane

Just a little FYI, it is not illegal to drive in the left lane in many states. Ohio being one. In Cali there are so freaking many left hand exits you need to drive.

Now, if you are cruising along in the left lane, be going >60mph

As far as mine, I have been trying very hard to keep positive statements about everything, because attitude and demeanor affect outcomes. That said...

People who refuse to turn left on red like it is a crime at intersections of one ways.

Cashiers who are way too stupid to figure out change by themselves that look at you mouth agape when the bill is $12.77 and you give them a twenty, three ones and two pennies.

Every single person from back east that forgets I am in California now and calls me at 6:30am. Just know I will be calling back at midnight.

I can come up with more, but I need to finish this tread...
I don't , I just stand there , going "Hang up"...3 seconds go by, my voice deepens, I go "Hang UP!". If it goes to a 3rd time, it becomes "Hang the "
Are we brothers? And our wives, sisters?
Blown, my mind is.
People who prefer thread view.

People who throw tantrums because some has been from 15 years ago doesnt think SU has a top 10 frontcourt

People who dont know what a meme is.

People who "could care less" about things.

People who cheered for Uconn in 2011 because ZOMG CONFERENCE

People that ride bikes in the middle of the road. Yeah, I get it, it's legal. But if you want me to treat you like a car, act like a car. Quit running every stop light, stop sign, taking the right away regardless of whether you should or not - you just make me want to hit you more than I already do. Hate bikes.

Oh, and while I'm on the topic - motorcyclists. Why do you all have to b*tch so much? Most people dislike you because 50% of you drive like and sound like a 747 taking off. 'We have to swerve so much to heat our tires up!!!' Sure. Bitch at the other bikers that give you a bad name - nobody else cares. Whinier than the Mac/Apple fanboys...
All the drivers around D.C.

Drive-time radio...thank goodness for satellite radio.

Having to watch SU games on my computer on espn 3 with idiot announcing teams who don't know the program very well.

The fact that almost everything that tastes good is bad for you.

Having to get up a lot earlier than I want to in order to beat a lot of the traffic.

People who pray to God to let them win games.
The jerks who try to tell you it's "inappropriate" to have a beer with breakfast.

I thought this was a free country! Harrumph harrumph harrumph!

Oh yes, third shifter here. I hate being judged because I am buying Rum at 0800. I just got home. Just because my schedule is different than yours give you no right to call me an alcoholic scumbag.
Anyone who claims they've never experienced WD is either
A) lying
B) a woman
C) God


I have it on good authority that women are fond of WD. I know when it happens to me I feel like a Pron star. As a matter of fact, it is the only reason I am allowed to drink whiskey.
Don Denkinger (yep still bitter about that one!)

The outrage over this one should be 4000% of what it is. This was a notch in front of the Bartman incident and the Bret Hart screw job and just a notch below the '72 Basketball Olympics, as far as sports travesties.
I just realized after my fifth post on this thread, I am a pretty angry person.
Next one, standing at the deli, 5 deep in people. After 10 minutes waiting for someone in the Deli dept to wake up and wait on the first customer, they fill their first request. Then, the dreaded question, "Will there be anything else?" The customer comes to after 20 seconds, starts looking the length of the deli counter ALLLLLLLLLLLL the way to the left, then ALLLLLL the way to the right. Then they pick something. Repeat 4 times. By this time I have said F@ it, Oscar Mayer will work.
Duke and carolina fans who live in upstate New York that have no affiliation to North Carolina.

Republicans and democrats.

Fans who get mad when you stand.

People who think they are always right and get angry when you debate them.

Corporate Welfare.

Auditors who issue their annual reports on December 20th and want a response by Christmas Eve.

Fans who trash their own players.

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