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3-1 through 4...only loss @ USC...we need to get some PERSPECTIVE


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Sep 17, 2011
This start is exactly what I think most of us would have envisioned as the best case scenario.

Yes...we have made it hard on ourselves. However, unlike most years I can recall even dating back to the Coach P era, we did not lose an early season OOC game we should have won. We were tested in adverse times and came out on TOP. It doesnt matter how we got there, we did.

Sure, there are things to improve upon, but this team is squarely where it needs to be. Too many years we have entered conference play at .500 or less, bolstered by "moral victories" that didn't quite result in actual wins.

I will take an ugly 3-1 over a sexy 1-3 or 2-2 any day of the week.

My real concern, beyond the obvious corrections that need to be desperately made on defense, is that I believe this year's conference schedule is going to be VERY difficult.

vs Rutgers - This game is a MUST win for the team. Home game. Weak opponent. HAVE to start off on the right foot here.
@ Tulane - Another game that this team has to find a way to win. Tulane can be sparky, but its important because...
vs WVU - I have a feeling WVU comes out blazing in this one. I dont like our chances given what I have seen out of the Eers...
@ Ville - We always seem to match up well against this team. They are very beatable. But...I expect the crowd to be vicious, this being the first BE road game since the ACC announcement.
@ UConn - See Ville...tons of emotion in this matchup...ACC related, Coach P related...
vs USF - USF is the best team in Conf IMO this year
vs Cinci - Another must win.
@ Pitt - Not the same vitriol I imagine...for obvious reasons.

We have to find a way to beat Rutgers, Tulane, and Cinci, right off the bat. Then, the next question is...can we steal any of @Ville, @UConn, or @Pitt games? I will take 1 of those 3. Then...if we can steal 1 of the WVU or USF games...both clearly better than us, but both at home...this would get is into the 8-4 range.

We'll see...pure speculation.

That said...if our defense doesn't shape up...and we trow up a stinker to Rutgers...this 3-1 could become 4-5 very quickly.
Barring a letdown or a really poorly played game, we will beat Rutgers and Tulane... beyond that, we should beat UCONN. The rest of the games are a toss up in my opinion. I have watched each of these teams play this year. WVU, USF, and Cinci are the best teams. Pittsburgh and Louisville are both decent. UCONN is still having issues at QB and Rutgers is also having alot of issues on offense. Their defense keeps them in games with all of the forced turnovers.

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