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A completely self centered and inappropriate view of the situation...


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Aug 16, 2011
I am a father of 2 boys and in no way want to diminsh how completely awful the situation at State College is. I wish nothing but pain for all those involved. But its time for us to take a selfish view of the situation…and how it affects Syracuse. We are watching the downfall of the preeminent Northeast college football program. For those keeping score:

  1. UConn and Rutgers stuck in conference purgatory for the foreseeable future
  2. Boston College has been wholly irrelevant in the Northeast since joining the ACC and show no signs of improving
  3. Penn State appears to be in full nuclear meltdown mode. This is a hole that will take years to overcome. Their recruiting and national image are sustaining permanent damage.
Syracuse Football is now on the upswing (at least I think they are). Our coaching has improved (don't laugh), our recruiting has improved, we are moving to the ACC and are improving our facilities.

The stars are in a “Once in a Lifetime” alignment in Syracuse’s favor. We have a chance to build a program of longterm national prominence.

West Virginia will be 3 states removed from its closest conference game. With our increased presence in the Southeast, we could really begin to trump WVU for some of their regional recruits as well.
Self (SU)-centered, but not inappropriate. Penn State deserves to be brought down a peg if this was its culture (protecting a pedophile).

The window for SU isn't a very large one. BC out-recruits us most years by a wide margin. Rutgers and UConn may not be in the ACC but they can talk up wins over SU. Penn State will likely hold onto its 2012 recruits even though they might not close well for any remaining spots. SU has only 3 or 4 spots left in its class. If Penn State cleans house (not only Paterno but any others who are tainted), and appoints a clean-cut new head coach, it will be back in the recruiting wars of next Spring. Paterno was tottering even before this happens, so recruits for 2013 weren't expecting to play for Paterno.

I am not saying we get no help from these factors -- just putting it into perspective.
Everything's coming up Syracuse.


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