Being an outlier in the conservative coaching fraternity |

Being an outlier in the conservative coaching fraternity


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Aug 26, 2011
must take some serious guts.

In light of potentially having to apply to other jobs in the future, it is probably a lot easier to run a generally-accepted offense as opoosed to something that the Boises of the world do.

Interviewee: "Hey, we attempted to run a WCO, but just did not have the recruits to do it"

Like-minded-interviewer: "I understand, but pre-snap you guys were all in perfect position!

The Boises of the world must stand out like red-headed step children. If they fail, nobody would hire them unless they did not mind standing out as well. They could be putting their careers, and gasp! their perceptions on the line.

I'm not sure some wacky offense would help us. Maybe it would. There is no way to know until we actually do it. In retrospect of 200 yard 10 point games, it certainly couldn't hurt.

Looking at Marrone, he doesn't seem like a buck the trend kind of guy. He seems like a let's perfect what is proven elsewhere, and in select spots, once or twice a season, let's do something really surprising. I don't mind this approach. However, it only seems to work in recruiting rich territories. Whatever offensive strategy Marrone brought in, I did expect he would modernize it a little.

With Boise's success, more and more schools are slowly adopting their approach. Because Syracuse will only rarely recruit with the big boys, I think they need to get back to being an early adopter/trend setter. They did this with putting their best athletes on STs and the mobile QB, and it worked.

I'll save the solution-making for the coaches, but I do not think we can use the same strategy as everyone else and succeed. Other schools doing the same thing with better athletes will beat us every time.

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