Bill self said we really played well when we beat Kansas earlier this year ? | Page 2 |

Bill self said we really played well when we beat Kansas earlier this year ?

True, that won’t be senility, that will be the result of college sports insanity

After my comment I had to check if Kansas had actually moved on to the B10. I was no longer sure if they were staying in the B12, and checked the BIG Wiki page.

As a purely random aside, I found this on their page. As a college football fan, I am extremely grateful that the BIG is protecting that huge Maryland-Rutgers rivalry so that they play once a year.

"The addition of Oregon and Washington added one more protected matchup to this count, bringing the total to 12 protected matchups: Illinois-Northwestern, Illinois-Purdue, Indiana-Purdue, Iowa-Minnesota, Iowa-Nebraska, Iowa-Wisconsin, Maryland-Rutgers, Michigan-Michigan State, Michigan-Ohio State, Minnesota-Wisconsin, Oregon-Washington and UCLA-USC, leaving Penn State as the lone school with no protected matchups"
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May be he confused JB with Huggins. Both HOF coaches, both left the program this past season, both had a bit of an awkward resignation, although Huggins resignation was much more dramatic.
both ditched the suit and tie for loungewear .
yep especially he's had two heart procedures, one on the aorta the other for routine heart disease (stent, etc.). The aorta one (and I think the other) you are under general anesthesia where they stop the heart and theres many examples that it effects your personality brain/affect afterwards so that would be my guess is what's contributing to his ongoing issues. Time to consider retirement man, I know I would with those issues.
Yeah, he missed their entire postseason last year with heart problems. He also does this Reverse Shaq thing every year where he looks pretty trim in November but by March he's put on weight and is red-faced all the time. He's said that he doesn't plan to coach into his 70's like Boeheim/K/Larry Brown and I don't get the sense that he likes coaching in the portal/NIL era even though they have a war chest, so he could be nearing the end of his career.

That said, I think last night was just a slip. He was on the court and not in a quiet setting like a presser or locker room having had a chance to collect himself. The game had just ended. Where it came from is another question. It's not like Jesse was on the scouting report.
Do we get credit for a quad 1 win?


I checked with Terry Wafflehaus at the NCAA on the Q1 question and he responded:

"Self said what??? I'm sorry, no you don't get a Q1 for that... Also, I know it's not your guy's fault, but I am going to recommend 10 additional wins be stripped from Boeheim for this."
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To be honest this is nothing, I make errors like that. I don’t believe full dementia has set in with myself just yet .
Well it’s time we have “the talk”. Have a seat and empty your pockets

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