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Class of 2024 CG Boogie Fland (NY) Offered

I want guys who want to be here. Someone who can play like Pearl would be good enough for me.
I realize that Syracuse is spreading a wide net in its recruiting strategy and it is best to recruit a number of prospective players at the same position. I have to wonder if going after a player like Fland vice a player like Bethea if it would better to recruit the one you feel that you have the best chance with than going after one you are least likely to land.

I know that there have been precedents where one that you less likely to land commits (like Mintz). You have to wonder when there are so many schools after the same player what are you saying that sways the player to your school. At the same time, you need to realize when the ship has sailed and there was no interest on the player‘s part.

On the limb here, I feel that the ship is leaving the harbor without us regarding Fland and that we are still on board the ship with Bethea at this time.
Even if we are part of the "and others" we should move on as we are no longer major contenders in the race. There are many other candidates and we are killing it so far with Red. Win some lose some.
You have time to recruit multiple players, if you have a prayer to get a top 15 guy you don’t “move on” until he tells you it’s over
Interesting they list him as the number 1 point guard but looks like he averages 2 to 3 assists a game.
I feel that he will be an April signee.

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