DC's Knees

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    Anyone know how serious this is? Will he be ready for UNC? I love TT and his potential, especially offensively. But everytime he's in we killed get defensively. I've never seen a big guy with such a quick first step on offense, but such a slow one on defense. I understand that DC isn't exactly Rak Christmas defensively, but he's a big body who could punish people if they come inside too much. I'm suggesting he should start or anything, but I think giving him 10 minutes a game, especially in a game like last night, would be huge.

    Oh, and we WILL need him against UNC.

    Anyone know his status?
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    Aug 28, 2011
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    I still don't understand how we didn't have any clue about Coleman being injuried at all.
    He went from 15 to 20 minutes a game to just sitting on the bench completely after the BC game.
    It could be the kid just can't help us so much on defense that Jim doesn't want to play him at all. The kid has had a lot of injuries over the five years it sucks because he was he was the number one player in his position in high school.
    Without Coleman and Chukwu we have 7 scholarship players that is just insane.
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    Whose to blame for this...not the players and that's for sure.

    I had heard Coleman has no cartilage left in his knee,and if true that is so sad at such a young age.
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    UNC is going to beat us by 20+ pretty easily. DC isn't going to help much.
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