Final Net Points, etc. 2019 Part 1 |

Final Net Points, etc. 2019 Part 1


Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
This is my season-ending post of the things I keep track of after each game and well as some interesting extras. There's a lot to it so I'll make a series of posts so it will be easier to digest.

Net Points – (points + rebounds + assists + steals + blocks minus missed field goals and free throws, turnovers and personal fouls) Season net points and average per 40 minutes is in parenthesis.

Oshae Brissett has led 10 times, Tyus Battle 8, Elijah Hughes 7, Marek Dolezaj 4, Jalen Carey and Paschal Chukwu 2 times and Frank Howard once. Here is a breakdown. M = minutes per games the player was available. The rest are per 40 minutes: P= points, R = rebounds, A = assists, S = steals, B = blocks, + = P + R + A + S + B, MFG = missed field goals, MFT = missed free throws, TO = turnovers, PF = personal fouls, - = MFG + MFT + TO + PF, NP = Net Points, which is = minus -, OE = offensive efficiency which is P – MFG – MFT and FG = floor game, which is NP – OE.


Paschal Chukwu
This Year 19.5m 8.7p 10.7r 0.5a 1.4s 3.4b 24.7+ 1.1mfg 1.6mft 1.9to 6.0pf 10.6- = 14.1NP 6.0OE 8.1FG
Last Year 27.2m 7.8p 10.0r 0.6a 1.0s 3.6b 23.0+ 1.5mfg 1.3mft 1.6to 4.6pf 9.0- = 14.0NP 5.0OE 9.0FG
Comment: Paschal was basically the same player except that he committed more fouls, even more than he did in his brief first year here, (5.6). Players commit fouls when they’ve been beaten to the spot they need to be in. it’s either through lack of knowledge of the scheme or lack of hustle. When it’s a senior, it’s lack of hustle. He did score a bit more and make a few more steals.

Bourama Sidibe
This Year 8.6m 7.5p 10.5r 0.7a 2.0s 1.9b 22.6+ 3.0mfg 3.5mft 1.2to 9.3pf 17.0- = 5.6NP 1.0OE 4.6FG
Last Year 12.4m 8.7p 10.3r 0.4a 1.1s 2.1b 22.6+ 2.3mfg 2.3mft 2.9to 7.6pf = 15.1- = 7.5NP 3.7OE 3.8FG
Comment: What a disappointing season for Bourama, after he underwent an operation that was supposed to relieve the tendinitis in his knees. He’s actually a much more talented player than paschal and I expected him to take over the position last year. But it’s two years in and he remains a little=used reserve. JB went with Marek at center more often than Sidibe. When Bourama was in there he scored less and missed more shots both from the field and from the line. He turned the ball over a lot less but his fouls, were way too high to begin with, skyrocketed. Still, he’ll have the inside track on the starting job next year, especially if we lose Brissett and Marek get sot play forward more. But he won’t have the job long if he plays like this.


Oshae Brissett
This Year 33.0m 15.1p 9.1r 2.2a 1.2s 1.0b 28.6+ 8.1mfg 1.8mft 2.5to 2.5pf 14.9- = 13.7NP 5.2OE 8.5FG
Last Year 38.1m 15.7p 9.3r 1.0a 1.2s 0.8b 28.0+ 8.4mfg 1.3mft 2.4to 2.0pf 14.1- = 13.9NP 6.0OE 7.9FG
Comment: Statistically, Oshae was the same player he was last year, down the line. The difference is that he had no expectations last year and great expectations this year. He needed more PIP, (points in the paint).

Elijah Hughes
This Year 32.6m 16.8p 5.3r 1.8a 1.5s 1.0b 26.4+ 7.7mfg 0.9mft 2.6to 2.3pf 13.5- = 12.9NP 8.2OE 4.7FG
Last Year 20.5m 15.2p 4.5r 2.5a 1.2s 0.8b 24.2+ 8.4mfg 2.0mftg 2.0to 3.5b 15.9- = 8.3NP 4.8OE 3.5FG
Comment: The “Last Year” stats are from Elijah’s one year at East Carolina. He obviously improved quite a bit. He had few less assists but more rebounds, suggesting he played some guard at ECU, which he might be asked to do next year. The big thing is that with Battle and maybe Brissett gone, Hughes will be out #1 option next year and he will have to adjust from being the #3-4 option to being the focus of the defense, just as Tyus did. He also needs to not be as reliant on the three point shot to score. It will remain a big part of his repertoire but he’s athletic and talented enough to drive around people to score, too.

Marek Dolezaj
This Year 21.7m 7.7p 6.5r 2.9a 2.3s 0.9b 20.3+ 2.2mfg 1.0mft 2.1to 5.1pf 10.4- = 7.5NP 4.5OE 5.4FG
Last Year 27.9m 8.3p 6.9r 2.2a 1.2s 1.1b = 19.7+ 2.6mfg 0.9mft 2.0to 3.9pf = 9.4- = 10.3NP 4.8OE 5.5FG
Comment: we all love Marek and you can see the many things he does to help us in a game but he’s just not a statistically prolific player except in the lack of zeros in his box score, (he’ll never be a ‘billionaire’). His overall performance declined despite getting more assists and steals. The big problem was that he committed more fouls, probably because he was playing out of position at center. I also think his development was hurt by having to come off the bench. (I would have preferred Hughes to come off the bench at multiple positions and played Dion Waiters type minutes.) Next year, if Brissett is gone, he may be a starter at his natural position of forward next year and that could help him.

Robert Braswell
1.6m 18.9p 7.3r 3.6a 4.4s 0.7b 34.9+ 2.9mfg 2.2mft 5.1to 1.5pf 11.7- 23.2NP 13.8OE 9.6FG
Comments: Robert Braswell, Superstar! If the 55 minutes he played had all bene played in a triple overtime game he would have had 26 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists 6 steals and a block. We’ll forgive his 7 turnovers. Off course his numbers are a small sample against reserves and walk-ons. But the kid looked good. The lack of fouls indicates he’s knows what’s going on out there and where he needed to be. The kid is a 6-9 former track star who 50% from three, 70% from two and 75% from the line. He has star potential if he gets a chance to show what he could do in extended minutes against quality completion. His biggest problem is the depth and talent at the forward position. If Brissett leaves, Robert will surely get a shot at significant playing time. I look forward to it.


Tyus Battle
This year 36.3m 18.9p 3.6r 2.8a 1.3s 0.3b 26.9+ 8.5mfg 1.4mft 2.0to 2.3pf 14.2- = 12.7NP 9.0OE 3.7FG
Last year 39.0m 19.7p 3.0r 2.1a 1.5s 0.2b 26.5+ 9.8mfg 0.9mft 2.4to 2.1pf 15.2- = 11.3NP 9.0OE 2.3FG
Comments: Tyus came back for another year and continued his stellar play but fell off the NBA draft boards for his troubles so he’s off to try his luck as a free agent. He’s like Eric Dungey: we love him and will never forget him but he just doesn’t have the skill level for the next level. Still, he’s got a better shot than Dungey at a lucrative and interesting career in his sport. He’s just likely to have to learn some foreign languages. 12.7NP is pretty good for a guard but it’s a low figure for your best player. And maybe that was our biggest problem: he didn’t have an All- American caliber player to carry the team on his back. We just had a bunch of good players who could win big games if they all played well.

Frank Howard
This year 26.9m 13.2p 2.9r 4.3a 2.2s 0.2b 22.8+ 7.9mfg 0.5mft 3.3to 3.0pf 14.7- = 8.1NP 4.8OE 3.3FG
Last Year 38.4m 15.0p 3.6r 4.9a 1.9s 0.3b 25.7+ 8.7mfg 1.0mft 3.5to 2.7pf 15.9- = 9.8NP 5.3OE 4.5FG
Comments: This is the story of the year, in my opinion. Frank emerged last year as part of our “Big three” of Battle, Brissett and Howard. It should have bene a Big Four with Hughes this year. They say Frank was playing on a level above even last year this past summer. Then he hurt his ankle and had to have an operation that wasn’t revealed for months. He missed the first four games and was a shell of himself the rest of the season. He suddenly became the Frank Howard of last year and maybe last summer in the ACC Tourney, then failed a drug test and his career was over when we lost to Baylor. Would we have beaten Baylor with him? We’’ll never know.

Buddy Boeheim
16.1m 15.9p 3.8r 2.4a 1.3s 0.2b 23.6+ 8.6mfg 0.5mft 1.8to 2.8pf 13.7- = 9.9NP 6.8OE 3.1FG
Comments: Buddy, whose primary value is his shooting, got off to an 8 for 33 start from the arc, ((24.2%) before shaking off the cobwebs and going 39 for 100 after that. He also proved to be a heady player, positioning himself well on defense, playing the passing lanes and showing quick hands and avoiding fouls, indicating he wasn’t getting beat on defense all that often. He’ll have the inside track on replacing battle at shooting guard next year, unless his father moves Hughes there or Joe Girard beats Buddy out. I wouldn’t bet on it.

Jalen Carey
9.0m 11.4p 5.1r 3.3a 2.1s 0.5b = 22.4- 5.9mfg 2.0mft 5.4to 1.6pf = 14.9- = 7.5NP 3.5OE 4.0FG
Comment: Jalen was electric in New York, the best thing we had going for us in our first two losses. It was all downhill after that. He scored 40 of the 87 points he scored this season in those two games. His flat jump shot was ineffective and he just turned the ball over way too many times. The competition for the point guard slot next year will look like the Democratic primaries with so many candidates. Jalen will certainly be one of them but he might have a hard time holding off a healed Howard Washington, record-breaking Joe Girard or Brycen Goodine, who has the body and talent JB has been looking for in this position.


Offensive Dude of the Game, (O-DOG) -(Points plus assists)

Tyus Battle has been the O-DOG 17 times, Oshae Brissett and Elijah Hughes 6 times, Frank Howard 3 times and Buddy Boeheim and Jalen Carey once. For the year the O-DOG is Tyus Battle, 550 points + 80 assists: 630. The others: Hughes 516, Brissett 484, Howard 342, Boeheim 250, Dolezaj 195, Chukwu 152, Carey 112, Sidibe 60, Braswell 31.

Shooting Efficiency - (Points minus missed field goal and free throw attempts)

Tyus Battle led 16 times, Elijah Hughes 9 times, Oshae Brissett 6 times Frank Howard 3 times and Buddy Boeheim, Jalen Carey and Marek Dolezaj once each. For the year, Battle led here, too with 550 – 248 – 41= 261. The others were Hughes with 228, Brissett 145, Chukwu 99, Howard 95, Boeheim 93, Dolezaj 82, Carey 27, Braswell 19, Sidibe 7.

Scoring Efficiency - (Percentage of points scored divided by points they would have scored if they made every shot minimum 10 possible points.)

Tyus Battle still leads with 7 wins. Paschal Chukwu, Buddy Boeheim and Oshae Brissett have won 5 times, Marek Dolezaj and Elijah Hughes 3 times, Jalen Carey 2 times and Frank Howard once. Chukwu led on the year, scoring 144 of a possible 208 points (69.2%). Braswell was second with 26/38 (68.4%), then Dolezaj with 141/259 (54.4%), Battle with 550/1176 (46.8%), Sidbie with 55/125 (44.0%), Hughes with 466/1067 (43.7%), Brissett with 423/1009 (41.9%), Carey with 87/211 (41.2%), Boeheim with 217/544 (39.9%) and Howard with 258/675 (38.2%). Obviously, some big factors here are the degree of defensive attention, the ability of players to get shots they want to take, turnovers, distance from the basket, (vertically and horizontally) and sample size.

Sat Us Down - (Who scored the first SU basket of each half)

Elijah Hughes has sat us down 18 times, Oshae Brissett 17 times, Tyus Battle 14 times, Frank Howard 10 times Paschal Chukwu 4 times, Buddy Boeheim and Marek Dolezaj once each. The shots have been treys 26 times, lay-ups 25 times, two point jumpers 14 times and a dunk twice. In 68 halves, its’ taken 5,656 seconds to sit us down in 68 halves and average of 83 seconds or 1:23 per half.

TACO Bell MVP - (Who scored the point that got us to 70, which gets you free tacos with your ticket stub)

We have won tacos 17 times in 34 games. Tyus Battle has done it 6 times, Frank Howard 4 times, Buddy Boeheim 3, Jalen Carey 2 times and Oshae Brissett and Elijah Hughes once. There were a total of 4,390 seconds left in 17 games or 258 seconds (4:18).

My Man - (Who played the most minutes?)

Tyus Battle has been “the man” 22 times, Oshae Brissett and Elijah Hughes 7 times and Buddy Boeheim once. There have been ten 40 minute games. Last year there were 65.

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