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Are you kidding me???? Really, NOT A SOUL KNEW EXACTLY WHAT WAS COMING ON 3RD DOWN?!?!?!? Nice pop Phil... but holy crap, we showed our conservative hand about four times already.
I can punt a football 11 friggin yards ... you must be kidding me.
hahaha ok, we have successfully done everything we usually do, in the first three minutes of play, now we can shake it off.
Right. Now we will do a TE rollout to start next possession
just pathetic.. not fair to the SU defense to keep us in EVERY game..
Screw this, play the running game and mid-range pass game and go 4th-down territory when even close to mid-field.
Is it possible that in order to get Nassib into an early rhythm, and get the crowd into this game that we actually came out MORE conservative than usual?? What the hell?
I'm thinkin I believe you about the locker room Auburn... the players don't look like they have confidence in themselves, or what they are doing, and the coaches don't seem to have any faith in the guys out there to do anything outside of basic vanilla... and even that is a stretch. Just a big bad black cloud over the squad.

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