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Apr 11, 2012
Start off by saying impressed with how the kids continued to compete and fight down 21 after the opening kickoff fumble. Could have easily laid down and quit. They kept fighting.

Still doesn’t change my belief that Dino needs to go.

First drive, did a great job of limiting them on first down. Unfortunately, GT had a ton of success on second down.

First TD that was called back was a tough one. Thought Allen took the wrong lane. If he takes the initial alley he may not score but he gets a big chunk down to the 5. Instead, he took the run and broke it even farther to the outside, which forced/led to the hold by Hatcher. Personally thought Alfords hold was worse, but as I mentioned, he initially pinned his defender but then had to adjust and grabbed because Allen broke to the outside and he was not in position to block his guy now that the run lane changed.

Huge missed late hit on Allen 4 yards in the endzone. That at least negates our offensive personal foul. Instead, there late hit goes uncalled and we lost 25 yards due to the 2 penalties. The way our offense is currently constructed, that’s a death sentence.

Get a huge turnover in our territory and immediately go 3 and out and miss a FG. I would have liked to pull out a trick play or try to take a shot there on first or second down. Understand why Dino didn’t. But then we get into a 4th and 3. You can’t trust college kickers from 50 yards. College kickers maybe make 50% of their 50 yard field goal attempts, probably much less. Instead of going for 4th and 3, when we know we are running a run based offense and points may be at a minimum. Coming off a turnover. Dino elects to kick instead of going for it. Hated the call.

Defense holds tight after the missed FG and immediately gets GT into a 4th and 1 in our own territory. Not sure if they would have actually gone since we were only running the football and field position would have completely changed. Instead, GT goes hard count and of course, we jump. Typical undisciplined play. What we have come to see as the norm under Dino. 2 plays later it comes back to bite us.

Safety play was not great tonight. Gave up the deep 56 yard TD play, not exactly sure what Simmons was doing. Just let the WR run right by him.

52 seconds left in the first half, 4th down. Dino has all 3 timeouts and decides not to use them. 52 seconds is an eternity in college football with first downs also stopping clock for the chain gang. Instead he lets GT take it down to 17 seconds and kicking a field goal. So 7 seconds in the half from the 30 yard line. Expect to knee the ball since he didn’t use a timeout with 52 seconds left and THEY THROW A WR SCREEN???? What’s the point of that? It would be one thing if there was stilll 59 Seconds on the clock. But with only 7 seconds left, what’s the point of running any type of play other than a knee in the first half and 75 yards away from the Endzone

Running this offense, I don’t think there was enough motion in the backfield. There should have been a guy in motion on every single play. That motion distracts the defense and gives you more alleys. Thought we did a better job of motion and counters in the second half. Took too long to adjust.

I honestly thought after the second half kickoff fumble and ensuing touchdown run, the route was on.

Another terrible play by the safety. Not sure if this one was also Simmons. Just took an absolutely terrible angle on the play and had no shot as the last line of defense when Haynes broke through the line.

4th and 1 early in the third I thought Allen hit the wrong hole. I believe he was supposed to go off tackle to the right where he had 3 lead blockers. The broadcast showed this, but a big hole in the middle opened up initially and closed almost as fast. I think he saw it and thought that was his easiest way to a first down. Dino immediately called him over to talk about what happened ç

Heady play by Allen on the 2 point conversion. GT tracked him down and he had no where to go, but instead of going down he tried throwing it. Gave the play an actual chance once he was dead to rights. Didn’t work, but it was a good thought. How many QB’s do you see throw the ball out of the endzone on 4th down or run out of bounds and take a sack instead of throwing the ball away. Allen isn’t even a QB tasked with that job and he still did the right thing, has good football instincts.

Lot of pressure on Villari and Allen to do it all. Even though we lost, thought they did everything they could and played their butts off.

I’ll be honest, little Disappointed in Rocky’s defense. Not that he is a problem or anything. Just expected a little more from him as he is the inovator. At this point, I think white was a little better of a coach. Defense disappeared when we needed them the most after the failed 2 point conversion. GT decided they were just going to give us a taste of our own medicine. They just ran it right down our throats killing a ton of time and capping it off with a touchdown to make it a 2 score game.

Once again. A game littered with penalty’s which played a massive part in the game. Making our offense play behind schedule, and bailing GT out with first downs.

Even with this offensive method, we still had every chance to win that game. However, we did not play a clean game and Dino’s faults continued to rear their ugly heads.

I’m falling asleep typing this, I’m sure there is stuff I missed. But at this point, it’s another unfortunate loss. 1 more opportunity against Wake to decide our bowl fate.

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