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Happy Thanksgiving

This is a good day to be thankful for this wonderful place that is no place.

Thanks to all of you that make this place work: CuseLegacy, Tomcat, Bees, CTO, OX, 79, temery, and others. This place means a lot to me and to us. We owe you big.

Thanks to all of you that really know something about the things you talk about. There's too many of you to list but we have people like Bnoro, Anomander, Finwad, RF2044, Francis, Cuseregular, Rocco, Dasher, Ottomets, Reed, and so many others that bring truly valid perspectives to this place. I've learned so much from you. Thanks...

Thanks to all of you that bring passion to this place. For instance, CuseTroop will always be my hero. He and his ilk brings the fire that incites us all. TexanMark brings us all together. Beadle is the poster child for all of you that keep the dome rocking. Thanks for keeping this place rocking, too. This place has life...

Thanks to the players, parents, recruits, coaches, and all of the people that make the sports programs go. There would be nothing here without you. SU sports are in a really good place. Thank you...

And thanks to the rest of you that comprise the SU fan community. I appreciate being one of you...it's a nice part of my life. Thanks...
I am thankful to be spending a first Thanksgiving in my son's new home. The son with Crohn's disease. And to top it off, my son from Toronto flew in and surprised all of us. It is the first Thanksgiving we have all spent together in 8 years. The last one was also in California. When my parents were still alive, at their Palm Desert home. It was my first year living in AZ. So I am thankful to have my babies together in one place, FINALLY this Thanksgiving. I am over the moon. The surprise was so much fun.
Happy Thanksgiving, Syracuse fam.
from the staff at SyracuseFan.com.

Find something to give thanks for today. We all have a lot to be thankful for.

"Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action." - W.J. Cameron
Thankful for this site, the admins, posters and lurkers who hang here, Tom Emery for creating it and to all SU athletic teams, support and coaching staffs. Happy Turkey Day All!!!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This is my home away from home (even when I visit from home). No place frustrates me, or makes me happier than here, just like my real family. I hope that each and everyone of you were able to spend the day surrounded by those who mean the most to you.

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